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Applying for a loan sounds child’s play. Simply follow the advertising and the credit is already in the account.

Our compact information offers you more than advertising. Find out what is important for lending. Recognize lure offers at an interest rate that you are unlikely to receive. We want authentic information to help you apply for loans so that the loan suits you and your ideas.

Apply for credit – loan advertising

When it comes to credit advertising, every bank and every savings bank offers the cheapest loan. If the advertising of many credit intermediaries were included, personal creditworthiness is irrelevant. In addition, the lowest interest rates, utopian high loan amounts and the fastest payment in the advertising of credit intermediaries are often no problem at all. If you really want to apply for a loan that suits you, forget the brisk slogans.

For example, if the advertisement shows 0.99 percent APR, pay attention to whether the interest is credit-related or non-credit-related. In the case of interest rate offers that are dependent on creditworthiness, only a very small proportion of applicants receive the effective interest rate. They are people with extremely good credit ratings. For example, senior officials with high incomes, secure jobs and minimal pre-debt.

When “ordinary people” apply for credit, they receive the interest rate shown in the representative example. That is the interest rate that 66 percent of all borrowers receive. Financing at a credit interest rate that is independent of creditworthiness is easier and usually cheaper. All borrowers who are generally qualified to lend receive this interest rate. But if this interest rate is extremely low, the hurdle to demonstrating sufficient creditworthiness is noticeably higher.

Apply for loans appropriately – creditworthiness for lending

Apply for loans appropriately - creditworthiness for lending

Every credit institution across Europe is legally obliged to check the creditworthiness of lending. The aim is to prevent people or companies from applying for loans that they are unlikely to be able to repay without problems. The purpose is to protect the creditor (lender) and the debtor (borrower). Only private donors are excluded from this regulation. Applying for a private loan is therefore possible despite the increased risk.

How the credit check is carried out, however, is the responsibility of the lender. The majority of commercial credit providers rely on the statement of the score and the household bill for credit rating. The score shows the credit default risk as a numerical or numerical value. It is composed of values ​​that can be justified in the person of the applicant. – For example, entries in the credit bureau and from values ​​from comparison groups.

The budget statement is in principle a simple comparison of the income and payment obligations. A surplus must be calculated from this, which enables payment of the installments. However, creditworthiness can also be proven by means of a case-by-case examination using documents. For example, “risk financiers” examine the individual case if sufficient creditworthiness could not be demonstrated in the usual way.

Submit a loan application to the appropriate provider

Submit a loan application to the appropriate provider

Your own credit rating for lending is difficult to assess. Each lender sets its own standards, and even the score can vary depending on the provider. With its offer, credit bureau offers a rough guideline for obtaining free self-disclosure once a year. With an average good score, the entire range of regular credit institutions is available for lending.

Applying for a suitable low-interest loan, free credit comparison calculators offer optimal conditions. Three anonymous entries are enough to see all relevant loan offers on the screen. With an average good credit rating, the lowest-interest credit offer with the lowest interest rate offers the right loan. It takes about 5 minutes to fill out the online loan application from the preferred provider.

The loan calculator then issues the provisional loan approval, provided that the budget bill works and all the application requirements on the part of the provider have been met. For quick credit requests, it is important to apply for the videoident loan. The new method of identity verification via video telephony (via Skype) even enables the loan to be paid out in 48 hours.

Apply for a loan with a poor credit rating

Apply for a loan with a poor credit rating

If credit applications are made with a good credit rating, the loan offers are lined up closely. If creditworthiness is poor, the advertising of many credit brokers is unfortunately only bombarded. The reputation of the placement industry is unfortunately not particularly good, given the rather “imaginative” slogans and unfair business models. Credit advertising is also often misused to sell insurance, credit cards and investments.

We would like to recommend two tips to you:

– really fast credit despite credit bureau is a micro loan with a term of a few weeks
– without credit bureau does not mean without creditworthiness and foreign credit is not “instant” on the account

Unfortunately, applying for a loan is often only possible through brokerage offers if the creditworthiness is poor. We advise you to generally reject any offer from a broker other than pure credit brokerage. Never pay in advance, do not accept cash on delivery from a broker and never engage in home visits. (Reimbursement of expenses). Serious credit brokerage only costs a previously agreed commission in the event of success.

It is not absolutely clear at first glance which intermediary to apply for a loan from is reliable and secure. The credit portals Astro finance and Cream Bank enjoy the best reputation for their credit brokerage activities from private to private. Both portals are unanimously praised by the press. A study by the German Institute for Economic Research on Astro finance was even made with very good results.

Our tip:

Applying for a loan on Astro finance can achieve greater efficiency. Astro finance not only offers serious access to private credit, but also to bank credit.