Adam Sandler plans to destroy the majesty of the pixels


Video games have served as inspiration for a multitude of audiovisual productions, some very crappy and others absolutely wonderful. Five years ago, the Internet witnessed the birth of one of the latter, the short Pixels . The video, about two and a half minutes long, showed how hordes of pixelated creatures from video games of the 70s and early 80s invaded New York City.

The production, by Patrick Jean, was so good that it soon became viral. It came to everyone’s eyes and someone at Columbia Pictures should have thought it a good idea to make a feature film based on the premise of the short film. Last week we had the first preview of the film, from which you can already draw several conclusions.


Given the madness of the idea, the initial approach seems right: humans launch at the beginning of the 80s a time capsule with examples of the culture of our planet. the aliens find it but misunderstand the message, believe it is a declaration of war and use those images as weapons.

It is nonsense, yes, but the premise does not allow anything much better. Another success, Peter Dinklage. After, many mistakes, starting with Adam Sandler as the protagonist . The movie looks bad, silly with easy jokes and predictable situations. Not even the aesthetics just convinced me, the short one seemed more elegant and better taste.

I love the idea of ​​using special cars as ghosts to catch Pac-Man and also the frikada to put there Toru Iwatani, the creator of the character (what a mania to gut the jokes in the trailers, by the way), but little else. In the end, we will see it just for the pleasure of contemplating a constant tribute to the great classics of the video game on the big screen, but I do not expect much.

Rompe Ralph is capable of the best and …

A film that makes traditional players accept without question that Zangief appears aligned on the side of the bad has to be, by force, a great movie. Break Ralph is it . Rated by many as the greatest film tribute ever made to the world of video games, the Disney animation film has become for me one of the greatest joys of the year.

I admit that, despite the fact that Rompe Ralph’s first trailer loved it, I ended up fearing that it could be disappointing, a poor story that used the claim of famous videogame characters to make cash without too much effort. I was wrong. Disney has disguised himself as Pixar with a Santa Claus hat to give us a visual jewel , made with great taste and tons of love of videogames.

At this point, few will not know the main plot of the film: a video game villain, Ralph, who is tired of exercising as such. But around that idea there is much, much more. While it is true that the premise of inanimate beings that come to life when humans are not present is common to Toy Story , that’s where all the similarities with the work of Pixar end. The comparisons between one and another film more than odious I find inappropriate and inappropriate.

Nor do I agree with those who only consider the first half of the film brilliant, where most of the cameos and direct references to known video games are concentrated. It is fantastic to see Bowser, Eggman, Bison, Qbert or Ryu , among others, sharing the same universe; it is a delight to discover details like the Konami code and mentions to Aeris or Leroy Jenkins; but even more fantastic is the integration of features typical of video games to the plot (the pixelated style of classic games, the operation of FPS, programming flaws …), sometimes only as something aesthetic or secondary and sometimes with real weight in the story.

At first I thought that the fact that most of the film was developed in Sugar Rush – a kind of Mario Kart set in a universe of goodies – would end up being a burden for Rompe Ralph . After watching the movie, some people think, I do not. The secondary ones (Felix has almost as much charisma as Ralph himself), the rhythm of the action, the originality of each scene and the sense of humor, make the level of fun (and / or emotion) constant , over everything for those who in video games see much more than a pastime.

Ideal for children, for parents, for boys and girls and for anyone who wants to have a good time at the cinema, whether they like video games or not. Rompe Ralph is undoubtedly my favorite to the Oscar for best animated film this year. Now, even on Christmas, it is a good time to enjoy this pearl of family cinema.

Unfortunately, all these compliments to the film can not be transferred to the Rompe Ralph video game for Wii. Ironically, a great movie set in the world of video games has been turned into an infamous video game that does not honor the feature film that inspires or the spirit that comes from it.

The story begins where the film ends (it is a full-fledged gut if it is tested before watching the film) and, as expected, only appear characters and scenarios of the worlds created for Ralph Break (no cameos or stellar appearances) . However, neither one nor the other would be a big problem if the product was good, but that is not the case. The game seems unfinished or poorly done , as the first project of some young aspiring developers. The setting does not convey the feeling of the film, nor that of a retro game nor that of a current one. It is a nonsense full of failures that recalls with nostalgia the good adaptations that Disney used to get from his films.

A license like Rompe Ralph is a golden vein that could have become a wonderful video game inspired by a wonderful movie inspired by wonderful video games. Instead, the result is a fudge that should be shown to design students as a model of everything that should not be done in a video game, a title that will displease more than one child in Reyes.

The unfortunate Super Mario Bros movie

I read the other day in Kotaku something that made me quite funny related to the movie Super Mario Bros., that ‘truño’ that came out in 1993. It was an extract of a questionnaire (of those that are usually done by the media communication to celebrities) made by The Guardian to Bob Hoskins, the actor who played the role of Mario on the big screen.

The funny thing was that the answer to three consecutive questions was exactly the same. I imagine you can guess where the shots go. Let’s say that Hoskins did not have a good memory of that feature film. Probably he hates it even more than any of the plumber’s fans (and that’s saying a lot). The questions and answers to which I refer are the following:-

Lighter, water. The fact is that reading this I remembered that for at least more than a decade I have not seen this movie again. In its day it seemed horrible to me, but at that time I still had not developed a taste for bad cinema. I think it ‘s time to review the movie and find out if it really was so horrendous or if it just blemished the name of Mario and Luigi with a mediocre and absurd movie (although it may not seem like it, there’s a big difference between one thing and another, between a Bad movie without more and a “bad but good” movie).

I suppose that at that time we were not yet prepared for what was coming on us in terms of adaptations from video game to film. Nowadays, I think we have reached a point where nobody expects absolutely nothing good from this relationship (conversely, neither does the success, the truth).

Miedito give me the film adaptations of Uncharted and God of War

Watchmen, the end is near: light years of the comic but much more fun than the movie

Taking advantage of the pull and superpromotion of the Watchmen movie, the Watchmen game has been released , the end is near for download on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, a title that will not make history but that has entertained me much more than the soporific film of Zack Snyder.

The “visionary director of 300 “, that uncle with so little talent that is dedicated to “copypastear” the works of great artists, that individual who has less poetic sense than Michael Bay, has been responsible for that gigantic spoiler called Watchmen: movie


His films have acceptable things, some even good ones, but they are not his. As soon as he puts something of his harvest (see the scenes of 300 in which appear a kind of ogre with blades in his hands, Asians who look like orcs of Lord of the Rings or a goat playing the flute in the purest style ‘canteen’ Tatooine ‘) everything goes to hell.

But the uncle has been clever and in Watchmen he has limited himself to photocopying, almost viñeta by vignette, that masterpiece by Alan Moore, a resource with which he hoped to get rid of the fierce criticism of the frikazos redomados avid for loyalty (among which soil find me). From what I have read and heard, he has deceived many. There are people who think that this movie is good.

Watchmen is not good: special effects sometimes give laughter, there are sets that look like cheap teleseries, the actors are bad with desire (only the one who plays Rorschach is saved), but he is faithful, boringly faithful. Perhaps it is more entertaining for those who have not read the comic, although if they have gone to the movies cheated by the trailer in X-Men plan that have been thrown on TV, they will feel very disappointed.

If the film is a tracing of the best comic book in history, why is not it the best movie in history? (I do not even think that it remains many months in our memory). Alan Moore’s Watchmen is a marvel not only for its aesthetic or script, but for its formal perfection: rhythm and narrative resources are prodigious, the relationship between text and drawings is perfect, and plot and context details enrich the set to unsuspected limits. All that is lost in a feature film that only shows us the shell, an empty shell of every soul. The packaging is the same, the content could not be more different.


Now, after this criticism of the movie that my soul longed to externalize, I turn to the videogame, a title that has entertained me much more than the aforementioned film . To begin with, he is totally faithful to the comic, but he does not touch the work of Alan Moore at all, but tells us a story that happened much earlier , when the heroes were still young and exercised their work with freedom, before the approval of the “Keene Act.” Come on, do not gut anything to those who have not read the comic.

The protagonists are the Night Owl and the wild Rorschach, who carry out an investigation that is narrated through a multitude of dialogues and images with the aesthetics of the comic between phase and phase. But I do not want to lie to you either, the game is not nothing special. Remember the beat’em up of the early 90s for both the good and the bad. And the bad, the worst is the repetitive development , which forces us to move forward ending with groups and more groups of criminal clones.

On the positive side we find surprisingly elaborate graphics to be a download game, combos and special hits really hard and bloodthirsty and the always attractive possibility of playing doubles (with split screen). Too bad that playing one can not change the fighter between phase and phase. It also lacks the possibility of controlling other characters such as the Comedian, the Manhattan Doctor or Silk Specter, who only appear to make a couple of cameos.

Although the game is not too long, the phases are extensive and, due to the monotonous that can be made, it is advisable to play it little by little and not pull. Its price is 15 euros. It may seem expensive to some, but to worse things we have played for a lot more money.

What do you think about the comic, the movie and the Watchmen game?

Dragon Ball Degeneration or how to spit on Toriyama’s face without using saliva

Let Kamisama take pity on the unhappy souls of mortals who are going to perpetrate one of the most popular manga in history! For many months now my heart has been crying for the immediate future of Goku , for many months now my guts have been stirred thinking about the movie of real actors of Bola de Dragón .

The ‘mierdometraje’ will be called Dragon Ball Evolution and arrives ready to viciously destroy anything that can remember the original work of Toriyama. Directed by James Wong, the story will tell the confrontation of Goku (a boy who seems to have stuck his fingers in a socket) against the demon Piccolo (a man who must have eaten something in poor condition). Seriously, I’d better leave the trailer for you to see this kind of 2 Fast, 2 Furious (aka “To fast, to furious”) to the Japanese. Any resemblance to Dragon Ball is pure coincidence …

But let’s go to what we’re going, to video games. I never imagined that I would see something that could overshadow that mythical Street Fighter based on the movie trio starring Van Damme and poor Raul Julia. Do you remember? The game that should have been called something like Street Fighter The Game The Movie The Game , the first video game based on a movie based on a video game.

Well I was wrong, Dragon Ball Evolution (the “Evolution” is clearly an irony, I’m convinced that the initial title was “Degeneration”) will try to curl the curl in the form of a game for PSP . The big trash that will be the movie will be transferred to the Sony laptop in the form of a one-on-one fighting game.

dbz 7

Seeing the first images of the game, of which there is still no moving material, it seems that it will maintain a style very similar to the Budokai . The markers are very similar to those of the last titles of the franchise . The biggest novelty lies in the aspect of the more realistic scenarios, and the fighters, who are the actors of the film playing Yamcha, Bulma, Chi Chi or the unconvincing Master Roshi embodied by Chow Yun-Fat.

This “thing” will be released for PSP in April, the same month in which the movie will be released. The game is not going to be great, that seems clear, but it does not have much difficulty to overcome the quality of the tiger nut that we will see on the big screen (if we find enough courage to go to the movies to see this).

I almost stay with Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins , a shabby Chinese film Dragon Ball that came out a couple of decades ago and with which the laughs are assured. And if you want something of quality, I recommend you take a look at the special chapter that Akira Toriyama has made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Shonen Jump: a simple story of half an hour, with an endearing opening and all the characters of the series gathered for the occasion (this time, Toriyama has not forgotten Lange).

As for videogames, I advise you to play the Tenkaichi 3 or to have fun and enjoy any of the DBZ games that came out for the Super Nintendo. To the Infinite World better not look at it.

dbz 1

Let’s all pray for Goku and try to take all this with a sense of humor.

A man, a legend, a film director project with the immeasurable power to transform any video game into a film worthy of study and not precisely because of its high quality.

I admire Uwe Boll, a guy who has unwittingly turned games like Alone in the Dark or House of the Dead into wonderful cult films for shabby cinema fans (among which I find myself, of course).


Now, tired of attacking video games indirectly, has gone to frontal combat: his 1968 movie Tunel Rats will be accompanied by a video game for PC and Xbox 360 which has already shown the first video.

Uwe Boll threatens: “They have been based on my movie, I gave them my script, screenshots, storyboard , soundtrack and more. I have also totally controlled the production and I am happy with the result. “

My God , he has totally controlled the production! If the game is half as good as any of his movies, I’ll buy it … in a collector’s edition. Vietnam, soldiers, shots, explosions … Nothing can go well!

Watching the video, 1968 Tunel Rats simply seems a very mediocre subjective shooter , I hope that Uwe knows how to print his stamp. That and finally let him direct the film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid .

What movie would you like to see directed by Uwe Boll?

The King of Kong, the obsession with records

Yesterday I did one of my long-awaited tasks: watch the documentary The King of Kong , which tells the story of the fight between two guys, Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, for the highest score in classic Donkey Kong .

If I am honest, I must say that I expected more. Yes, the fault is mine for not informing me well, since I thought that the film dealt with the theme of Donkey Kong among many others, but no, it focuses totally on that story.

Donkey Kong arcade Leaving that aside, I found it quite interesting, especially because it addresses the issue of videogames from the point of view of professional competition , which is something that I almost completely ignored.

When you see the movie (if you have not seen it already), you will discover that it is almost impossible not to show solidarity with Steve Wiebe, a poor guy who is out of work and who sets himself the challenge of exceeding the maximum score on Donkey Kong’s machine (874,300 points), established in 1982 by Billy Mitchell.

Although it is a true story, the roles are so defined that it almost looks like a fiction feature film : on the one hand is Wiebe, a good man with talent and eagerness to excel but who has bad luck and is treated with injustice, and at the other extreme we see Mitchell, a cold guy who goes “star” and who fears that his image will be damaged if he is not able to revalidate his record.

The documentary has not yet appeared in Spain but, if you are interested in seeing it, surely you will not have many difficulties to get it.

By the way, the end of the movie has already been outdated. If you have already seen it, take a look at the DK records registered in Twin Galaxies and flipad.

Precisely the formation and consolidation of Twin Galaxies as an official agency of video game scores is another of the themes of the film. These gentlemen are those who currently collaborate with those responsible for Guinness records to establish brands related to video games. In fact, their collaboration has been fundamental for the publication of the Guinness Book of Video Game Records, about which I have already spoken for some time.

For my part, even being quite competitive (or so some say), I have never been obsessed with the scores of the games. I was one of those who, when you had to put the initials on a machine, always said ‘AAA’ (unless it was the first, of course). That ‘AAA’ that was always changed to ‘CAP’ in the Capcom games.

And here, to finish, an unfortunate anecdote related to that ‘CAP’ that I tell you now that nobody reads to us. It turns out that in college I met a girl whose initials were precisely ‘CAP’ . In my absolute frikismo I always thought: “if this girl liked videogames, she would never have to bother to write her initials in a Capcom recreational”. The fact is that one day we were left to eat I could not avoid explaining it … I will omit the end of the story and what is my current relationship with that girl, I will only give you one piece of advice: if you ever know a girl (or boy) whose initials they are ‘CAP’, do not talk about recreational machines.

Have you seen the documentary? What do you think? Have you ever been obsessed with the score of a game? Have you participated in any professional competition? Do you know someone who has the initials ‘CAP’? and ‘AAA’ ?, does the heat make you delirious? As you can see, I do.

Film directors interested in videogames

Lately there is a curious convergence between the world of cinema and that of videogames . I do not mean the adaptations of films to videogames and vice versa, almost always terrible, but the growing interest of many great directors in the world of electronic entertainment.

Guillermo del Toro was the last to speak on the subject, who has publicly expressed his admiration for the artistic work carried out at Bioshock .

I love Bioshock from the design point of view. But unless it’s a sequel to Hell Boy , I will not direct another action movie. […] But who knows, the world of Bioshock is wonderful.

Steven Spielberg is also showing great curiosity about video games. The well-known director declares himself a gamer and admirer of titles such as Crysis . In fact, he is immersed in several projects.


The first, Boom Blox , is nothing special. It is a puzzle game that has appeared recently for mobile and that shortly (May 8) will also see the light for Wii. As much as it is Spielberg, you can not expect much of a puzzle, unless it is very addictive, and in that it fulfills.

More desire I have to see his second project, a game provisionally known as LMNO . It will be an action adventure for PS3 and Xbox 360 and, if Spielberg manages to print a thousandth part of the show and the emotion of his films, we can face a real bombshell.

Another director who has also been interested in video games is John Woo, responsible for the fantastic Stranglehold . Let’s see, I do not say that Stranglehold is a masterpiece, but it ‘s fun, spectacular and does not drink of any franchise manido ad nauseum . In my opinion, it was one of the best surprises at the end of last year.

Also actors are increasingly involved in video games, not only in the field of dubbing, but also in the “interpretation”, as with Chow Yun-Fat in the aforementioned Stranglehold or with Jean Reno in Onimusha 3 .

It would be curious if this trend also occurred in reverse. How would it be a movie directed by Dave Perry ?, and a joint production of Nobuo and Toriyama?

Iron Man, how good it looks!

The more photos and videos I see of the next Iron Man game, the more excited I am. Maybe I’m wrong, but it looks like it’s going to become one of the best superhero games to date.

His virtues? I list the ones that seem most striking to me:

– A great fidelity: It seems that the game will be closely related to the movie (which also promises, by the way). Robert Downey Junior and the rest of the actors will be in charge of putting the voices of their characters in the game.

As for the plot, the adventure will not be limited to following the script of the film but will incorporate characters and stories taken directly from the comics, something very appreciated for those of us who are fans of the Marvel world.

A little on the sidelines, I love the “rudimentary” armor model …

Iron Man

– New generation graphics ?: Well it seems that it will have them, that will not stay in a want and I can not. If everything is as it is seen in the videos, the flight moments promise to be a pass. In addition, the high visual quality contributes to enhance fidelity with the movie.


– Freedom of action: This already seems a classic of superhero games. I refer to the possibility of moving ‘to your ball’ through big scenarios looking for items, doing secondary missions and interacting with the environment. If the final result looks more like Hulk Ultimate Destruction (this game seemed fantastic to me) than the horrendous Superman Returns , maybe we are facing a small treasure.

What do you think of this Iron Man ?, Do you like what has been seen so far?

A tribute to bad movies

As I mentioned on occasion, another of my great hobbies, apart from video games, are bad movies.

But I do not mean those bad movies that only get you bored and / or you take a nap as happens, for example, with that crime called Alatriste (did you really like someone?).

No, what I am talking about is really bad films, bad, that swim in the cutrerío and are made by guys with an aesthetic and taste sense below absolute zero. The magic of the matter is that these bad movies, when they are really horrendous, end up transcending a line that turns them into masterpieces and their creators into real geniuses.

Manos Magnolia of the bad movies), Howls 2 (with Christopher Lee in the cast and the best credit titles that I’ve seen and will see in my life), Howls 3: The marsupials (surrealistic as few), Starcrash ( Star Wars Italian with David Hasselhoff playing “Han Solo”), Hands: The hands of fate (one of the worst feature films in history), any of the gems of the Turkish cinema of the 60s and 70s (wonderful this web that has solved many of my doubts about the seventh art in Turkey) …

Any of these films of series B (series Z in many cases) has made me laugh infinitely more than the most popular traditional comedies. And what does this have to do with video games? Well, luckily or unfortunately, a lot, since the vast majority of adaptations of video games to the big screen end up becoming authentic slobs worthy of analysis.

Street Fighter: The last battle and Super Mario Bros. are two excellent examples of how to destroy some characters and defraud millions of followers with horrible adaptations that are also bad movies. It will be necessary to see if the new Street Fighter modifies the mess. For the moment, I’m staying with the most faithful I’ve found, this great Jackie Chan Vs. Street Fighter (from the movie City Hunter ):

But the infragement (to call it somehow) of crappy videogame-based movies has a name of its own: Uwe Boll, a guy obsessed with taking video game titles and making movies that have absolutely nothing to do with them (in most the cases, any similarity is pure coincidence).

The masterpiece of this man is House of the Dead , a movie nonsense (which I have had the pleasure of seeing twice) based on the popular Sega shooting game. Among many other virtues, the film features zombies that jump on trampolines, effects Matrix to porrillo , video game scenes inserted in the development without coming to mind and dialogues that border on Dadaism (I wonder how Uwe Boll perceives reality, must have a great time). One hundred percent recommended to antici lovers.

What I find incredible is that they continue to insist with ‘marcianadas’ as the future movie of The Sims . Does anyone expect something good to come out of here, or at least something that does not make them throw up? (If when the film is released it turns out that it is good, I will swallow my words and I will apologize publicly).

I will dedicate a post to good movies based on video games (I do not know if I will have material to write more than three lines), but now it seemed more appropriate to do this “homage” to the bad ones.

What are for you the worst adaptations of a videogame to the cinema?

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