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Applying for a loan sounds child’s play. Simply follow the advertising and the credit is already in the account.

Our compact information offers you more than advertising. Find out what is important for lending. Recognize lure offers at an interest rate that you are unlikely to receive. We want authentic information to help you apply for loans so that the loan suits you and your ideas.

Apply for credit – loan advertising

Apply for credit - loan advertising

When it comes to credit advertising, every bank and every savings bank offers the cheapest loan. If the advertising of many credit intermediaries were included, personal creditworthiness is irrelevant. In addition, the lowest interest rates, utopian high loan amounts and the fastest payment in the advertising of credit intermediaries are often no problem at all. If you really want to apply for a loan that suits you, forget the brisk slogans.

For example, if the advertisement shows 0.99 percent APR, pay attention to whether the interest is credit-related or non-credit-related. In the case of interest rate offers that are dependent on creditworthiness, only a very small proportion of applicants receive the effective interest rate. They are people with extremely good credit ratings. For example, senior officials with high incomes, secure jobs and minimal pre-debt.

When “ordinary people” apply for credit, they receive the interest rate shown in the representative example. That is the interest rate that 66 percent of all borrowers receive. Financing at a credit interest rate that is independent of creditworthiness is easier and usually cheaper. All borrowers who are generally qualified to lend receive this interest rate. But if this interest rate is extremely low, the hurdle to demonstrating sufficient creditworthiness is noticeably higher.

Apply for loans appropriately – creditworthiness for lending

Apply for loans appropriately - creditworthiness for lending

Every credit institution across Europe is legally obliged to check the creditworthiness of lending. The aim is to prevent people or companies from applying for loans that they are unlikely to be able to repay without problems. The purpose is to protect the creditor (lender) and the debtor (borrower). Only private donors are excluded from this regulation. Applying for a private loan is therefore possible despite the increased risk.

How the credit check is carried out, however, is the responsibility of the lender. The majority of commercial credit providers rely on the statement of the score and the household bill for credit rating. The score shows the credit default risk as a numerical or numerical value. It is composed of values ​​that can be justified in the person of the applicant. – For example, entries in the credit bureau and from values ​​from comparison groups.

The budget statement is in principle a simple comparison of the income and payment obligations. A surplus must be calculated from this, which enables payment of the installments. However, creditworthiness can also be proven by means of a case-by-case examination using documents. For example, “risk financiers” examine the individual case if sufficient creditworthiness could not be demonstrated in the usual way.

Submit a loan application to the appropriate provider

Submit a loan application to the appropriate provider

Your own credit rating for lending is difficult to assess. Each lender sets its own standards, and even the score can vary depending on the provider. With its offer, credit bureau offers a rough guideline for obtaining free self-disclosure once a year. With an average good score, the entire range of regular credit institutions is available for lending.

Applying for a suitable low-interest loan, free credit comparison calculators offer optimal conditions. Three anonymous entries are enough to see all relevant loan offers on the screen. With an average good credit rating, the lowest-interest credit offer with the lowest interest rate offers the right loan. It takes about 5 minutes to fill out the online loan application from the preferred provider.

The loan calculator then issues the provisional loan approval, provided that the budget bill works and all the application requirements on the part of the provider have been met. For quick credit requests, it is important to apply for the videoident loan. The new method of identity verification via video telephony (via Skype) even enables the loan to be paid out in 48 hours.

Apply for a loan with a poor credit rating

Apply for a loan with a poor credit rating

If credit applications are made with a good credit rating, the loan offers are lined up closely. If creditworthiness is poor, the advertising of many credit brokers is unfortunately only bombarded. The reputation of the placement industry is unfortunately not particularly good, given the rather “imaginative” slogans and unfair business models. Credit advertising is also often misused to sell insurance, credit cards and investments.

We would like to recommend two tips to you:

– really fast credit despite credit bureau is a micro loan with a term of a few weeks
– without credit bureau does not mean without creditworthiness and foreign credit is not “instant” on the account

Unfortunately, applying for a loan is often only possible through brokerage offers if the creditworthiness is poor. We advise you to generally reject any offer from a broker other than pure credit brokerage. Never pay in advance, do not accept cash on delivery from a broker and never engage in home visits. (Reimbursement of expenses). Serious credit brokerage only costs a previously agreed commission in the event of success.

It is not absolutely clear at first glance which intermediary to apply for a loan from is reliable and secure. The credit portals Astro finance and Cream Bank enjoy the best reputation for their credit brokerage activities from private to private. Both portals are unanimously praised by the press. A study by the German Institute for Economic Research on Astro finance was even made with very good results.

Our tip:

Applying for a loan on Astro finance can achieve greater efficiency. Astro finance not only offers serious access to private credit, but also to bank credit.

4000 USD Loan – Compare offers!

A 4000 USD loan is offered by almost all German banks or savings banks. It may also be available abroad. If it is not a car loan, a 4000 USD loan is freely available and can be used to finance new home furnishings, a holiday or other consumer goods.

Similar to any other loan, the borrower must meet certain requirements. He may not have negative credit bureau entries and should have a fixed income that is significantly above the garnishment-free limit. Appropriate evidence must be provided when applying for a loan.

Compare loan offers

Compare loan offers

Anyone looking for an installment, consumer or car loan should not only rely on the offers of their house bank, but also make a comparison of different banks and savings banks before making a loan decision. This comparison should not only refer to the monthly installments and the term, but also to the interest.

The latter can be credit-dependent or credit-independent. It would also be advisable to inquire as to whether the banks allow special repayments or early redemptions. The terms can vary and are usually between 12 and 72 months for a 4000 USD loan.

Application, approval and repayment

Application, approval and repayment

Almost all banks offer their customers the opportunity to apply for a loan online. This applies even if they have a very dense nationwide branch network. Alternatively, the loan application can also be made on site. In any case, the creditworthiness of the borrower is checked in detail. The bank will inform you of the required documents before submitting the application. If the 4000 USD loan can be approved, payment will be made within a few hours.

This means that the customer can soon have their money at their disposal and use it for the intended purpose. Repayment must be made in monthly installments based on the term and the annual percentage rate. The credit agreement regulates further details. All agreements made should be followed exactly. This also includes the obligation to repay the loan properly and on time.

If you find yourself saying, “I need money NOW!”, trust me. You’re not alone. If your bank account is empty and your credit cards are maxed out, what are you to do? The good news is, there are plenty of ways to get cash in your pocket in the next 24 hours. They may not all be glamorous, but you could rely on these methods in a pinch.

We are here to help. Let us hear from you in any financial needs.

Applying for loans through capital lender is easy. An online loan application is sufficient to address both banks and private investors at a serious level. Of course, the borrower decides who gets the loan.

When to refinance credit card?

I know few people who have resisted the temptation to buy things with the power of a firm. Most of us start using the credit card with some fear, but soon it becomes vice. Interest-free months are the biggest hook to get caught in the financial web where credit cards are converted.

You buy some tennis, you pay with the card and everything is fine, then you go on vacation, the plane, hotel and meals you pay with the card, months without interest to make us heavy, so the story continues until you reach the top of the card limit. Sometimes the bank ventures to increase your credit limit and you continue with the same behavior, other times a new bank gives you another card that extends that network in which you have already been trapped.

Month by month you pay the cards, but little by little you realize that it is only enough to cover the minimum amount to be paid. Obviously you pay it, so that they do not block you and you can continue using your cards and with it the debt grows every day. If this scenario seems familiar to you, continue reading, possibly in this text you will find a way out that is not so painful.


Have you hit bottom?

credit cards

If you have already reached the point where it is extremely difficult for you to cover the minimum card payments, then you have reached the bottom and it is only a matter of time before you lose your composure and fall behind in payments. Don’t do it, in truth, your future will be compromised if you make that decision. There are options. It will not be simple but it will be worth it.

One option is the re-financing of the credit card, it is also known as debt consolidation, or more commonly, joining all your cards into one. What is it, when to do it and how?

Refinancing means taking a new loan, ideally, with more favorable conditions, to cover an existing loan. There are different ways to refinance credit card debts. One is to take out a home equity loan, another is with a personal loan and the most common is to transfer several credit card balances to another card with a high credit line and a low CAT (total annual cost). Let’s start by reviewing the last option


Transfer all credit card balances to one.

credit card

Suppose you have a couple of cards, in one you have a debit of $ 45,000 dollars, it has an interest rate of 45% with a CAT of 57%. The other card has little time with you and you only owe $ 25,000 dollars, its interest rate is 29% with a CAT of 34 percent. You could contact the bank that issued the second card, explain your situation so that you can transfer the balance of the first card, in whole or in part. By doing this you would save a lot of money for interest, since the second card has a lower interest, in addition to the annuity.

I simplified the situation a lot so that it could serve as an example, the real situations tend to be more complex. But if you are already in a similar situation, start monitoring the different options offered by the bank. There are banks that offer cards specially designed to transfer balances from other cards, and give you low interest.

If you decide to transfer the balance of your other cards to one of this type, you must pay attention to the conditions, many times the interest rate is promotional, that is, after a previously stipulated period, the interest rate will increase.

Even with these conditions it can be a good alternative, just keep in mind that you will be against the clock and take advantage of that promotion period to pay as much as you can and get out of the quagmire quickly. Take advantage if the bank offers you to transfer balances for free, otherwise, this type of paperwork has a cost, it can be a percentage of the amount you want to transfer or a fixed amount, whichever is greater. It also asks if there are other fees or penalties, either for prepayment, non-payment or non-compliance with the amounts.

When balances are transferred to a new credit card, a contract is signed, the minimum and maximum amounts of the transfer are stipulated in the most important clauses of this contract. Ask the minimum amount and the maximum debit limit to be transferred. I am of the idea that it is better that you stay with a single card, I would look for the option that allows me to do it.

One very important thing: You should not have late payments on other credit cards, otherwise it will be very difficult for a bank to agree to transfer your balances. My final recommendation is that you analyze different options, and stay with the one that offers you the greatest incentives. For example, rewards programs, free annuity and being exempt from the collection of other commissions. After all, a virtue must be made of necessity.


Refinancing with personal loan

Refinancing with personal loan

It is possible that you have several credit cards, all to the limit and consolidate the debt of several cards into one is no longer an option or not the best. Do not be discouraged, you can request a personal loan in order to liquidate all your cards.

Actually this is a good option, because the interest rate on this type of credit is lower; Regarding credit cards and the term, it can be extended for 4 or 5 years, so the monthly payments will be very low and you will see how your disposable income increases.

Again, take these types of measures before falling into insolvency of payments, otherwise your credit history will already have problems and you will not be able to access the best options.

Check out the different alternatives offered by traditional banking and Fintech . This industry is offering very attractive conditions and quick availability of money. Take into account within the refinancing costs the commissions or charges for the new credit, to know if it really suits you or it is preferable to look for another option.


Mortgage credit refinancing

Mortgage credit refinancing

A loan whose guarantee is a property can be very risky, but it can also be the most convenient, because insurance is the option that has the lowest interest rate and the longest term.

Borrow just enough to pay your credit cards. Make a financial plan that allows you to repay the home equity loan as quickly as possible. Remember that a home equity loan means that you put the property as collateral for the debt. If you did not pay the loan, you would lose your property.


Learn the lesson

credit cards

It may be that you have chosen to consolidate your debts into a single credit card, therefore, you have a card. Do not use it, if necessary do not have it within reach. If there is a great need for a credit card, choose the one with the lowest interest rate and benefits that really make a difference to you.

Many times we do not take the appropriate measures because we expect our finances to improve as if by magic, we say things like “next month I compensate it” or “with the extra income I am going to get, I pay what I owe”. You have to be realistic and not let the debt continue to increase. Stop the financial “hemorrhage”, because the money you borrowed generates interest, and at least for me, there is nothing sadder than spending money on interest, because it is money that is not enjoyed in some experience or object, it is simply money thrown away


If you managed to refinance your debt and signed a commitment with a monthly installment

refinance your debt

It is best to meet on time. The primary goal should be to pay as soon as possible. Therefore, adjust your expenses to the bare minimum. If you are unable to adjust your expenses, then you will be in trouble again in no time. Try to pay at least 5% or 6% of the total debt each month. Do not pay only the minimum amount.

It is understandable that a person loses his head and enters a spiral of debts with a credit card that is difficult to leave. But re-incurring the same behavior two or three times is no longer acceptable. Once you have refinanced your credit cards and you have gotten out of debt, keep one, do not fear them or the satanices, learn to use them with intelligence and responsibility, they are a great tool that facilitates your existence.

Interest rate: Difference between a fixed rate and a floating rate

You have probably already heard about the different rates. But do you understand them? This thorny subject is far from obvious to everyone. Indeed, what is the difference between fixed and variable rates? Answers with Sydney Carton.

Variable interest rate

By using this type of interest rate, you agree with financial institutions so that the rate of your credit can vary depending on the evolution of the financial markets, within certain limits.

The rate revision dates are normally provided in advance in the loan agreement as well as the maximum and minimum value for the rate. Whenever it is changed, you can ask your bank for a written letter to notify you. The evolution of interest rates is based on benchmarks such as Euribor for the euro area.

Fixed interest rate

Fixed interest rate

Unlike the floating rate, the fixed interest rate is not subject to changes in the financial markets. You will have the same rate throughout the repayment period. This rate is negotiated with your bank during your loan application and may vary depending on your profile (income, number of loans in progress, family situation, etc.).

Choose a fixed interest rate

Choose a fixed interest rate

If you like security, the fixed interest rate will be the one that suits you best. Indeed, with this one, you are sure to pay a fixed amount every month until the end of your loan. You agree with your bank on the interest rate of your credit and its duration, so you can easily estimate the total amount of your refund.

The disadvantage of this type of rate is that when the rates of the financial markets fall, you may not benefit. If you think that rates may fall further, a fixed rate will cost you more as it guarantees you security.

Since no one can know the future, it is important to estimate your financial capabilities in order to assess whether you can accept some uncertainty.

Opt for a variable interest rate

Opt for a variable interest rate

With this type of rate, you can consider saving on a fixed rate. Not only is the starting interest rate offered by your bank more attractive, but rates in line with the financial markets are also more advantageous.

You may decide to move to a floating rate if you think that financial market rates will stay low or will go down further. It is better, however, to have something to ensure your back in case of a sharp increase in rates. To alleviate this insecurity, you can choose a variable rate capped when signing your loan.

Thus, in case of too high rates, the interest rate of your credit can not exceed a defined ceiling. On the other hand, you can choose how often the rate is revised. The more often it can be reviewed by the bank, the higher the starting rate will be attractive, but the less security you have.

So, variable rate or fixed rate? Your choice will depend on your situation and your desires. Installment loans often only offer the option of a fixed rate. The mortgage offers the possibility of taking a variable rate. Do not hesitate to check with your bank.

Online installment loan -See our cash installment loans no credit check

See our cash installment loans no credit check

You apply and sign your installment loan with Easy ID. GET STARTED NOW! It is both the guarantee of your safety and that is why you can get an answer right away. Luel Loans do not make comprehensive credit ratings like other loan companies, but with Easy ID, they can be sure you are who you say you are. Therefore, you do not have to submit any documents at all. All you need is to log in with Easy ID, apply for a loan and vupti, then you are approved for a loan. Finally, you must sign your loan agreement and no later than 24 hours after the money is in your NemKonto. That’s easy.

The easy ID is also an added security for you. Your information is encrypted and protected and you can be sure that there is control over the things of the company you are borrowing.

Are you missing 1,000 kr right now and here to pay a bill? In that case, a credit loan at Luel Loan can be a good option, maybe even the only option. Luel Loans is a loan company specializing in fast, short-term loans. Mortgages differ from other loans by being the easiest and fastest way to borrow money. On the other hand, they are also clearly more expensive and the maturity is much shorter, max 120 days at Luel Loans.

With other loan companies, you can now apply for loans with NemID and receive the amount in less than 24 hours, but the big difference is what you need to meet for a loan. Very square it is that almost everyone who is not in RKI can get loans at Luel Loans. The other loan companies are equally fast but say no to many more.

Mortgage loans up to DKK 10,000 with Luel Loan

  • Loans up to 10,000 kr.
  • Short and easy application
  • The money on your account within 24 hours

Luel Loan is a loan company from Copenhagen. It is not immediately to see if there are other companies responsible for funding, but Luel Loans are of course registered with the proper authorities and your security is secured through Easy ID. You can therefore securely borrow at Luel Loan.

You pay your loan back to Finans there is a debt collection company. It’s also the ones you’ll be able to get back from.

Quick loan completely without question

Luel Loans, as said, are a mortgage company and you should carefully consider whether it is the type of loan you need or if you are better served by a more common loan company. You can see the list of loan providers here. You will pay a lot of interest when you take out a credit loan and if you do not pay on time, the returns are also great. You should be aware of that. In return, however, you can almost certainly be sure to get a loan as long as you are not in RKI. There are absolutely no annoying questions or documents to be submitted and you will get an answer right away. Not 5 minutes after, not 1 hour after, but immediately.

Quick loan completely without question

Luel Loans can, therefore, be a good choice if you are missing money right now and here at short notice, but are sure you can pay back on time.

It’s probably a good idea to see if you can get a loan from a loan provider with a lower interest rate and longer maturity. If you are rejected, you can try Luel Loan or another mortgage company.

High Interest and Short Term

Luel Loans offer loans from DKK 500 to DKK 10,000, which means that you can borrow far less money than elsewhere. If you are missing $ 1,000 to pay a bill, then there is an option where you do not bind yourself for more than necessary.

Because you borrow so small amounts and the maturity is so short – 60 to 120 days – then your Annual Cost in Percent (your total cost, interest rate + fees) will also be high.

Let’s take an example, you borrow $ 1,000 and pay back over 120 days. Here you will pay a little more than 1500 DKK, which gives an OPP of just over 750%. This is a very high OPOP when most other loan providers have an APR of approx. 20-30%. But it may also be misleading to look at OPOP because your loan does not run for a year, it will last for 120 days. The ordinary consumer loan with a PPD of less than 30% runs for a minimum of 1 year and with a sum of DKK 3,000 and up after. Therefore, it is best to look at the total cost of borrowing the amount you need and for the period you need. 500 KR. In expenses for borrowing 1,000 KR. May seem as much as it is 50% of your loan amount. However, it is still only DKK 500 in total in expenses and you usually do not have to pay for a consumer loan that is at a higher amount and with a longer maturity.

You must, therefore, deal with yourself if it is a price you can live with. There may be situations where it makes sense.

Our best advice is, therefore, to apply for loan offers more of the places that meet your borrowing needs. Perhaps the loan offer must be $ 3,000, even if you only need $ 1,000. However, if the total cost of this loan is the cheapest, you can not touch the last $ 2,000 and just pay them back when the loan expires.

So check the total cost of the loan offers you receive and then select the provider that offers you loans with the total lowest cost.

Sign up as a user and apply easily

Luel Loans make it easy to borrow money. You must first register as a user with your CPR No., Email and Phone Number. Then confirm with Easy ID. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to apply for a loan. Luel Loans are a little different than other loan companies since you need a user profile here. With a user, you can apply for a loan several times. The first time you can borrow a maximum of 5,000 DKK, but once you have paid it back you can subsequently borrow up to 10,000 KR.

Luel Loans are thus a bit like a cash credit. As long as you pay your loans back you can get a new loan, without question. It’s expensive but also an easy way to cover your money needs. With Luel Loans, you can be sure to cover your unforeseen expenses in the short term.

To borrow, please state:

  • Your name
  • Your CPR NR
  • Your email
  • Your phone number

It’s simply that. Nothing else. It may be the easiest loan you find on the market.

A non-binding loan with 14 days of cancellation

Should you regret after you have signed a loan agreement, you can happily get rid of the loan. It just requires you to notify Luel Loan on this in writing. You will then have to pay the borrowed amount plus the daily interest accrued on the loan.

Adam Sandler plans to destroy the majesty of the pixels


Video games have served as inspiration for a multitude of audiovisual productions, some very crappy and others absolutely wonderful. Five years ago, the Internet witnessed the birth of one of the latter, the short Pixels . The video, about two and a half minutes long, showed how hordes of pixelated creatures from video games of the 70s and early 80s invaded New York City.

The production, by Patrick Jean, was so good that it soon became viral. It came to everyone’s eyes and someone at Columbia Pictures should have thought it a good idea to make a feature film based on the premise of the short film. Last week we had the first preview of the film, from which you can already draw several conclusions.


Given the madness of the idea, the initial approach seems right: humans launch at the beginning of the 80s a time capsule with examples of the culture of our planet. the aliens find it but misunderstand the message, believe it is a declaration of war and use those images as weapons.

It is nonsense, yes, but the premise does not allow anything much better. Another success, Peter Dinklage. After, many mistakes, starting with Adam Sandler as the protagonist . The movie looks bad, silly with easy jokes and predictable situations. Not even the aesthetics just convinced me, the short one seemed more elegant and better taste.

I love the idea of ​​using special cars as ghosts to catch Pac-Man and also the frikada to put there Toru Iwatani, the creator of the character (what a mania to gut the jokes in the trailers, by the way), but little else. In the end, we will see it just for the pleasure of contemplating a constant tribute to the great classics of the video game on the big screen, but I do not expect much.

Rompe Ralph is capable of the best and …

A film that makes traditional players accept without question that Zangief appears aligned on the side of the bad has to be, by force, a great movie. Break Ralph is it . Rated by many as the greatest film tribute ever made to the world of video games, the Disney animation film has become for me one of the greatest joys of the year.

I admit that, despite the fact that Rompe Ralph’s first trailer loved it, I ended up fearing that it could be disappointing, a poor story that used the claim of famous videogame characters to make cash without too much effort. I was wrong. Disney has disguised himself as Pixar with a Santa Claus hat to give us a visual jewel , made with great taste and tons of love of videogames.

At this point, few will not know the main plot of the film: a video game villain, Ralph, who is tired of exercising as such. But around that idea there is much, much more. While it is true that the premise of inanimate beings that come to life when humans are not present is common to Toy Story , that’s where all the similarities with the work of Pixar end. The comparisons between one and another film more than odious I find inappropriate and inappropriate.

Nor do I agree with those who only consider the first half of the film brilliant, where most of the cameos and direct references to known video games are concentrated. It is fantastic to see Bowser, Eggman, Bison, Qbert or Ryu , among others, sharing the same universe; it is a delight to discover details like the Konami code and mentions to Aeris or Leroy Jenkins; but even more fantastic is the integration of features typical of video games to the plot (the pixelated style of classic games, the operation of FPS, programming flaws …), sometimes only as something aesthetic or secondary and sometimes with real weight in the story.

At first I thought that the fact that most of the film was developed in Sugar Rush – a kind of Mario Kart set in a universe of goodies – would end up being a burden for Rompe Ralph . After watching the movie, some people think, I do not. The secondary ones (Felix has almost as much charisma as Ralph himself), the rhythm of the action, the originality of each scene and the sense of humor, make the level of fun (and / or emotion) constant , over everything for those who in video games see much more than a pastime.

Ideal for children, for parents, for boys and girls and for anyone who wants to have a good time at the cinema, whether they like video games or not. Rompe Ralph is undoubtedly my favorite to the Oscar for best animated film this year. Now, even on Christmas, it is a good time to enjoy this pearl of family cinema.

Unfortunately, all these compliments to the film can not be transferred to the Rompe Ralph video game for Wii. Ironically, a great movie set in the world of video games has been turned into an infamous video game that does not honor the feature film that inspires or the spirit that comes from it.

The story begins where the film ends (it is a full-fledged gut if it is tested before watching the film) and, as expected, only appear characters and scenarios of the worlds created for Ralph Break (no cameos or stellar appearances) . However, neither one nor the other would be a big problem if the product was good, but that is not the case. The game seems unfinished or poorly done , as the first project of some young aspiring developers. The setting does not convey the feeling of the film, nor that of a retro game nor that of a current one. It is a nonsense full of failures that recalls with nostalgia the good adaptations that Disney used to get from his films.

A license like Rompe Ralph is a golden vein that could have become a wonderful video game inspired by a wonderful movie inspired by wonderful video games. Instead, the result is a fudge that should be shown to design students as a model of everything that should not be done in a video game, a title that will displease more than one child in Reyes.

The unfortunate Super Mario Bros movie

I read the other day in Kotaku something that made me quite funny related to the movie Super Mario Bros., that ‘truño’ that came out in 1993. It was an extract of a questionnaire (of those that are usually done by the media communication to celebrities) made by The Guardian to Bob Hoskins, the actor who played the role of Mario on the big screen.

The funny thing was that the answer to three consecutive questions was exactly the same. I imagine you can guess where the shots go. Let’s say that Hoskins did not have a good memory of that feature film. Probably he hates it even more than any of the plumber’s fans (and that’s saying a lot). The questions and answers to which I refer are the following:-

Lighter, water. The fact is that reading this I remembered that for at least more than a decade I have not seen this movie again. In its day it seemed horrible to me, but at that time I still had not developed a taste for bad cinema. I think it ‘s time to review the movie and find out if it really was so horrendous or if it just blemished the name of Mario and Luigi with a mediocre and absurd movie (although it may not seem like it, there’s a big difference between one thing and another, between a Bad movie without more and a “bad but good” movie).

I suppose that at that time we were not yet prepared for what was coming on us in terms of adaptations from video game to film. Nowadays, I think we have reached a point where nobody expects absolutely nothing good from this relationship (conversely, neither does the success, the truth).

Miedito give me the film adaptations of Uncharted and God of War

Watchmen, the end is near: light years of the comic but much more fun than the movie

Taking advantage of the pull and superpromotion of the Watchmen movie, the Watchmen game has been released , the end is near for download on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, a title that will not make history but that has entertained me much more than the soporific film of Zack Snyder.

The “visionary director of 300 “, that uncle with so little talent that is dedicated to “copypastear” the works of great artists, that individual who has less poetic sense than Michael Bay, has been responsible for that gigantic spoiler called Watchmen: movie


His films have acceptable things, some even good ones, but they are not his. As soon as he puts something of his harvest (see the scenes of 300 in which appear a kind of ogre with blades in his hands, Asians who look like orcs of Lord of the Rings or a goat playing the flute in the purest style ‘canteen’ Tatooine ‘) everything goes to hell.

But the uncle has been clever and in Watchmen he has limited himself to photocopying, almost viñeta by vignette, that masterpiece by Alan Moore, a resource with which he hoped to get rid of the fierce criticism of the frikazos redomados avid for loyalty (among which soil find me). From what I have read and heard, he has deceived many. There are people who think that this movie is good.

Watchmen is not good: special effects sometimes give laughter, there are sets that look like cheap teleseries, the actors are bad with desire (only the one who plays Rorschach is saved), but he is faithful, boringly faithful. Perhaps it is more entertaining for those who have not read the comic, although if they have gone to the movies cheated by the trailer in X-Men plan that have been thrown on TV, they will feel very disappointed.

If the film is a tracing of the best comic book in history, why is not it the best movie in history? (I do not even think that it remains many months in our memory). Alan Moore’s Watchmen is a marvel not only for its aesthetic or script, but for its formal perfection: rhythm and narrative resources are prodigious, the relationship between text and drawings is perfect, and plot and context details enrich the set to unsuspected limits. All that is lost in a feature film that only shows us the shell, an empty shell of every soul. The packaging is the same, the content could not be more different.


Now, after this criticism of the movie that my soul longed to externalize, I turn to the videogame, a title that has entertained me much more than the aforementioned film . To begin with, he is totally faithful to the comic, but he does not touch the work of Alan Moore at all, but tells us a story that happened much earlier , when the heroes were still young and exercised their work with freedom, before the approval of the “Keene Act.” Come on, do not gut anything to those who have not read the comic.

The protagonists are the Night Owl and the wild Rorschach, who carry out an investigation that is narrated through a multitude of dialogues and images with the aesthetics of the comic between phase and phase. But I do not want to lie to you either, the game is not nothing special. Remember the beat’em up of the early 90s for both the good and the bad. And the bad, the worst is the repetitive development , which forces us to move forward ending with groups and more groups of criminal clones.

On the positive side we find surprisingly elaborate graphics to be a download game, combos and special hits really hard and bloodthirsty and the always attractive possibility of playing doubles (with split screen). Too bad that playing one can not change the fighter between phase and phase. It also lacks the possibility of controlling other characters such as the Comedian, the Manhattan Doctor or Silk Specter, who only appear to make a couple of cameos.

Although the game is not too long, the phases are extensive and, due to the monotonous that can be made, it is advisable to play it little by little and not pull. Its price is 15 euros. It may seem expensive to some, but to worse things we have played for a lot more money.

What do you think about the comic, the movie and the Watchmen game?

Dragon Ball Degeneration or how to spit on Toriyama’s face without using saliva

Let Kamisama take pity on the unhappy souls of mortals who are going to perpetrate one of the most popular manga in history! For many months now my heart has been crying for the immediate future of Goku , for many months now my guts have been stirred thinking about the movie of real actors of Bola de Dragón .

The ‘mierdometraje’ will be called Dragon Ball Evolution and arrives ready to viciously destroy anything that can remember the original work of Toriyama. Directed by James Wong, the story will tell the confrontation of Goku (a boy who seems to have stuck his fingers in a socket) against the demon Piccolo (a man who must have eaten something in poor condition). Seriously, I’d better leave the trailer for you to see this kind of 2 Fast, 2 Furious (aka “To fast, to furious”) to the Japanese. Any resemblance to Dragon Ball is pure coincidence …

But let’s go to what we’re going, to video games. I never imagined that I would see something that could overshadow that mythical Street Fighter based on the movie trio starring Van Damme and poor Raul Julia. Do you remember? The game that should have been called something like Street Fighter The Game The Movie The Game , the first video game based on a movie based on a video game.

Well I was wrong, Dragon Ball Evolution (the “Evolution” is clearly an irony, I’m convinced that the initial title was “Degeneration”) will try to curl the curl in the form of a game for PSP . The big trash that will be the movie will be transferred to the Sony laptop in the form of a one-on-one fighting game.

dbz 7

Seeing the first images of the game, of which there is still no moving material, it seems that it will maintain a style very similar to the Budokai . The markers are very similar to those of the last titles of the franchise . The biggest novelty lies in the aspect of the more realistic scenarios, and the fighters, who are the actors of the film playing Yamcha, Bulma, Chi Chi or the unconvincing Master Roshi embodied by Chow Yun-Fat.

This “thing” will be released for PSP in April, the same month in which the movie will be released. The game is not going to be great, that seems clear, but it does not have much difficulty to overcome the quality of the tiger nut that we will see on the big screen (if we find enough courage to go to the movies to see this).

I almost stay with Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins , a shabby Chinese film Dragon Ball that came out a couple of decades ago and with which the laughs are assured. And if you want something of quality, I recommend you take a look at the special chapter that Akira Toriyama has made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Shonen Jump: a simple story of half an hour, with an endearing opening and all the characters of the series gathered for the occasion (this time, Toriyama has not forgotten Lange).

As for videogames, I advise you to play the Tenkaichi 3 or to have fun and enjoy any of the DBZ games that came out for the Super Nintendo. To the Infinite World better not look at it.

dbz 1

Let’s all pray for Goku and try to take all this with a sense of humor.

A man, a legend, a film director project with the immeasurable power to transform any video game into a film worthy of study and not precisely because of its high quality.

I admire Uwe Boll, a guy who has unwittingly turned games like Alone in the Dark or House of the Dead into wonderful cult films for shabby cinema fans (among which I find myself, of course).


Now, tired of attacking video games indirectly, has gone to frontal combat: his 1968 movie Tunel Rats will be accompanied by a video game for PC and Xbox 360 which has already shown the first video.

Uwe Boll threatens: “They have been based on my movie, I gave them my script, screenshots, storyboard , soundtrack and more. I have also totally controlled the production and I am happy with the result. “

My God , he has totally controlled the production! If the game is half as good as any of his movies, I’ll buy it … in a collector’s edition. Vietnam, soldiers, shots, explosions … Nothing can go well!

Watching the video, 1968 Tunel Rats simply seems a very mediocre subjective shooter , I hope that Uwe knows how to print his stamp. That and finally let him direct the film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid .

What movie would you like to see directed by Uwe Boll?

The King of Kong, the obsession with records

Yesterday I did one of my long-awaited tasks: watch the documentary The King of Kong , which tells the story of the fight between two guys, Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, for the highest score in classic Donkey Kong .

If I am honest, I must say that I expected more. Yes, the fault is mine for not informing me well, since I thought that the film dealt with the theme of Donkey Kong among many others, but no, it focuses totally on that story.

Donkey Kong arcade Leaving that aside, I found it quite interesting, especially because it addresses the issue of videogames from the point of view of professional competition , which is something that I almost completely ignored.

When you see the movie (if you have not seen it already), you will discover that it is almost impossible not to show solidarity with Steve Wiebe, a poor guy who is out of work and who sets himself the challenge of exceeding the maximum score on Donkey Kong’s machine (874,300 points), established in 1982 by Billy Mitchell.

Although it is a true story, the roles are so defined that it almost looks like a fiction feature film : on the one hand is Wiebe, a good man with talent and eagerness to excel but who has bad luck and is treated with injustice, and at the other extreme we see Mitchell, a cold guy who goes “star” and who fears that his image will be damaged if he is not able to revalidate his record.

The documentary has not yet appeared in Spain but, if you are interested in seeing it, surely you will not have many difficulties to get it.

By the way, the end of the movie has already been outdated. If you have already seen it, take a look at the DK records registered in Twin Galaxies and flipad.

Precisely the formation and consolidation of Twin Galaxies as an official agency of video game scores is another of the themes of the film. These gentlemen are those who currently collaborate with those responsible for Guinness records to establish brands related to video games. In fact, their collaboration has been fundamental for the publication of the Guinness Book of Video Game Records, about which I have already spoken for some time.

For my part, even being quite competitive (or so some say), I have never been obsessed with the scores of the games. I was one of those who, when you had to put the initials on a machine, always said ‘AAA’ (unless it was the first, of course). That ‘AAA’ that was always changed to ‘CAP’ in the Capcom games.

And here, to finish, an unfortunate anecdote related to that ‘CAP’ that I tell you now that nobody reads to us. It turns out that in college I met a girl whose initials were precisely ‘CAP’ . In my absolute frikismo I always thought: “if this girl liked videogames, she would never have to bother to write her initials in a Capcom recreational”. The fact is that one day we were left to eat I could not avoid explaining it … I will omit the end of the story and what is my current relationship with that girl, I will only give you one piece of advice: if you ever know a girl (or boy) whose initials they are ‘CAP’, do not talk about recreational machines.

Have you seen the documentary? What do you think? Have you ever been obsessed with the score of a game? Have you participated in any professional competition? Do you know someone who has the initials ‘CAP’? and ‘AAA’ ?, does the heat make you delirious? As you can see, I do.

Film directors interested in videogames

Lately there is a curious convergence between the world of cinema and that of videogames . I do not mean the adaptations of films to videogames and vice versa, almost always terrible, but the growing interest of many great directors in the world of electronic entertainment.

Guillermo del Toro was the last to speak on the subject, who has publicly expressed his admiration for the artistic work carried out at Bioshock .

I love Bioshock from the design point of view. But unless it’s a sequel to Hell Boy , I will not direct another action movie. […] But who knows, the world of Bioshock is wonderful.

Steven Spielberg is also showing great curiosity about video games. The well-known director declares himself a gamer and admirer of titles such as Crysis . In fact, he is immersed in several projects.


The first, Boom Blox , is nothing special. It is a puzzle game that has appeared recently for mobile and that shortly (May 8) will also see the light for Wii. As much as it is Spielberg, you can not expect much of a puzzle, unless it is very addictive, and in that it fulfills.

More desire I have to see his second project, a game provisionally known as LMNO . It will be an action adventure for PS3 and Xbox 360 and, if Spielberg manages to print a thousandth part of the show and the emotion of his films, we can face a real bombshell.

Another director who has also been interested in video games is John Woo, responsible for the fantastic Stranglehold . Let’s see, I do not say that Stranglehold is a masterpiece, but it ‘s fun, spectacular and does not drink of any franchise manido ad nauseum . In my opinion, it was one of the best surprises at the end of last year.

Also actors are increasingly involved in video games, not only in the field of dubbing, but also in the “interpretation”, as with Chow Yun-Fat in the aforementioned Stranglehold or with Jean Reno in Onimusha 3 .

It would be curious if this trend also occurred in reverse. How would it be a movie directed by Dave Perry ?, and a joint production of Nobuo and Toriyama?

Iron Man, how good it looks!

The more photos and videos I see of the next Iron Man game, the more excited I am. Maybe I’m wrong, but it looks like it’s going to become one of the best superhero games to date.

His virtues? I list the ones that seem most striking to me:

– A great fidelity: It seems that the game will be closely related to the movie (which also promises, by the way). Robert Downey Junior and the rest of the actors will be in charge of putting the voices of their characters in the game.

As for the plot, the adventure will not be limited to following the script of the film but will incorporate characters and stories taken directly from the comics, something very appreciated for those of us who are fans of the Marvel world.

A little on the sidelines, I love the “rudimentary” armor model …

Iron Man

– New generation graphics ?: Well it seems that it will have them, that will not stay in a want and I can not. If everything is as it is seen in the videos, the flight moments promise to be a pass. In addition, the high visual quality contributes to enhance fidelity with the movie.


– Freedom of action: This already seems a classic of superhero games. I refer to the possibility of moving ‘to your ball’ through big scenarios looking for items, doing secondary missions and interacting with the environment. If the final result looks more like Hulk Ultimate Destruction (this game seemed fantastic to me) than the horrendous Superman Returns , maybe we are facing a small treasure.

What do you think of this Iron Man ?, Do you like what has been seen so far?

A tribute to bad movies

As I mentioned on occasion, another of my great hobbies, apart from video games, are bad movies.

But I do not mean those bad movies that only get you bored and / or you take a nap as happens, for example, with that crime called Alatriste (did you really like someone?).

No, what I am talking about is really bad films, bad, that swim in the cutrerío and are made by guys with an aesthetic and taste sense below absolute zero. The magic of the matter is that these bad movies, when they are really horrendous, end up transcending a line that turns them into masterpieces and their creators into real geniuses.

Manos Magnolia of the bad movies), Howls 2 (with Christopher Lee in the cast and the best credit titles that I’ve seen and will see in my life), Howls 3: The marsupials (surrealistic as few), Starcrash ( Star Wars Italian with David Hasselhoff playing “Han Solo”), Hands: The hands of fate (one of the worst feature films in history), any of the gems of the Turkish cinema of the 60s and 70s (wonderful this web that has solved many of my doubts about the seventh art in Turkey) …

Any of these films of series B (series Z in many cases) has made me laugh infinitely more than the most popular traditional comedies. And what does this have to do with video games? Well, luckily or unfortunately, a lot, since the vast majority of adaptations of video games to the big screen end up becoming authentic slobs worthy of analysis.

Street Fighter: The last battle and Super Mario Bros. are two excellent examples of how to destroy some characters and defraud millions of followers with horrible adaptations that are also bad movies. It will be necessary to see if the new Street Fighter modifies the mess. For the moment, I’m staying with the most faithful I’ve found, this great Jackie Chan Vs. Street Fighter (from the movie City Hunter ):

But the infragement (to call it somehow) of crappy videogame-based movies has a name of its own: Uwe Boll, a guy obsessed with taking video game titles and making movies that have absolutely nothing to do with them (in most the cases, any similarity is pure coincidence).

The masterpiece of this man is House of the Dead , a movie nonsense (which I have had the pleasure of seeing twice) based on the popular Sega shooting game. Among many other virtues, the film features zombies that jump on trampolines, effects Matrix to porrillo , video game scenes inserted in the development without coming to mind and dialogues that border on Dadaism (I wonder how Uwe Boll perceives reality, must have a great time). One hundred percent recommended to antici lovers.

What I find incredible is that they continue to insist with ‘marcianadas’ as the future movie of The Sims . Does anyone expect something good to come out of here, or at least something that does not make them throw up? (If when the film is released it turns out that it is good, I will swallow my words and I will apologize publicly).

I will dedicate a post to good movies based on video games (I do not know if I will have material to write more than three lines), but now it seemed more appropriate to do this “homage” to the bad ones.

What are for you the worst adaptations of a videogame to the cinema?

When not everything is pure air



La Puebla de Fantova, tierra del tomate rosa de montaña.

It is difficult to speak of a homogeneous profile among the people who make the leap from the city to the countryside with the desire to start a new life. The economic crisis, with the consequent increase in unemployment and its special impact in the big cities, pushes more and more people to seek a simpler and more harmonious way of life , which requires less means to survive and has more and better prospects for future

Industrialization emptied thousands of Spanish towns in past decades and now the crisis is reversing the process. The rural environment, which has been struggling against depopulation for years, is now becoming the focus of both professionals who can work from anywhere, teleworking , and those who live in the city have been unemployed and They look for an opportunity in the rural world .

Abraza la Tierra is a foundation that provides free advice to people interested in returning to the rural world. Abraza la Tierra is a foundation founded in 2010 that operates in several Spanish autonomous communities (Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Cantabria, Aragón and Extremadura) . It is a non-profit organization and does not charge anyone for its services . Since July 2004, they have been working to settle the population in rural areas, trying to revitalize in this way the social and business fabric of our peoples. They advise and inform people interested in returning to the rural world.

The heavy paperwork

Eva González , her coordinator, clarifies: “We do not give home or work, we inform and help those who arrive in the field free of charge “. But, in addition, they are taught to manage procedures for possible aid , such as the Leader Funds, a program of the European Union that has been promoting business in rural areas since 1991. These aids have added 1,700 million euros between 2007 and 2013; they cover 30% of the capital, but they oblige the interested parties to request bank loans, which are often denied despite having the support of European aid. Last October 31 ended the deadline to apply for these European grants and now we must wait until the new programming period begins, which runs from 2015 to 2020. For this 2014 the applicants will have to settle for state aid, of the Autonomous Communities and the municipalities , which means getting lost in an endless amount of paperwork, with random results. Embracing the Earth also monitors the reception and integration process in the town.

Eva warns that it is misleading to think that there is no crisis in small populations . “In the villages the conditions are more advantageous at the economic level, given that the rents are much lower than in the city and the possibilities of self-employment and housing are much greater,” but he acknowledges that on many occasions there tends to idealize rural life and he forgets that not everything is pure air , birds singing and walks in spring. That is why he emphasizes that “the first thing that must be taken into account when considering the change of life is that it is essential to have a car and driver’s license “.

Attention, questions

From Embrace the Earth, they often remind us that, when it comes to looking for opportunities in the field, we must be very clear about where we are going and agree with all the members of the family. From there, they recommend in the organization, they should ask themselves several questions: “What am I going to live in? Can I live with a telework? What am I good at?” .

The type profile are couples with higher education,
of large cities, about 35 years old and without children “
Since 2010 the number of petitions they manage has increased exponentially .” The profile of the typical applicant -describes Gonzalez- are couples with higher education from large cities , especially Madrid, about 35 years and without children . They contact hundreds of us, but many are not in a financial position to change their residence and start a business. “The coordinator of Abraza la Tierra insists that ” life in the countryside is not easy , you have to continue paying bills and it is essential have a life and subsistence project “.

The experience of these support organizations certifies that at present there are few people who can integrate and move forward without problems, in relation to those who want it. There are hardly any offers of employment in the towns, so the options are to open the way by setting up a business of their own .

According to the last census of inhabitants of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) , the population of municipalities with less than 100 inhabitants has increased by 12.9% in the last 10 years, and has also grown, although only 0.2 % , that of the localities between 2,000 and 5,000 inhabitants. In addition, since 1998, year after year, more people leave the cities of more than 100,000 inhabitants to settle in populations of less than 10,000 than those who follow the opposite direction. In any case, the official figures of population movements are scarce , so we can not speak of an exodus to the people.

Agriculture and livestock are the majority occupations in the rural world, although there is a growing tendency to diversify with new business ideas that are being added by the generations that are being incorporated, such as organic farming , rural tourism or companies that work for agriculture. empowerment of appellations of origin .

Social, ecological, vital profitability …

Carmen Ibáñez, together with Andrés and Mario , her husband and son, respectively, undertook a path of no return 10 years ago. Their concern for the human being prompted them to develop, in practice, a model of alternative and sustainable life. This is how El Rincón de los Cerezos was born , in the municipality of Berzocana (in the region of Las Villuercas, province of Cáceres), as a real, practical and viable experience .

It is an enclave of bioagroturismo , with ecological agriculture and livestock, beekeeping and rural house . They offer lodging and food services with the possibility of carrying out courses and workshops that bring the visitor closer to the way of life and work of an agricultural and livestock farm, according to an alternative model of sustainable environmental management . Interested visitors can join the operation of the farm by participating in all their daily activities.

Carmen is emphatic in stating that the family is the one that has brought forward the project that, she says, “is not completely profitable, but barter tools work well, and economically profitable is not a concept that we manage, it is socially profitable , ecologically, vitally, emotionally and, moreover, it is emancipatory , because it allows us to live up to date with dignity “.

It is important not to embark on anything that you can not do with what you have “ Regarding the help they had, Carmen has it clear:” It is important not to embark on anything that you can not do with what you have. We have to rely on social networks , which allow access to land, to know places and people. This facilitates access to rentals, loans or other alternatives to start. Surely there are aids today too, but they are often traps from which you turn badly. “

Regarding the adaptation to his new life, he explains that “everything was much easier than you imagine”. “You can not choose here and you have very different resources for the education of children than in a city, which is sometimes a privilege and sometimes a limitation,” he says.

Native color

The project. .. Que Te Quiero Verde is a firm commitment to the recovery of rural mountain areas through their native crops and products . The pink tomato of mountain , cultivated in reduced plots and with rigorously ecological methods, is exceptional and practically unknown in the markets of massive consumption. Its cultivation in La Puebla de Fantova , a small town in the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees, in the Ribagorza and located 700 meters above sea level, is a first step for the valorisation of uses and methods of traditional crops, through its native products. This way of working has a high added value and, in addition, supposes an important motor of local development for the area.

“Under the brand … Que Te Quiero Verde is intended to produce a limited amount of pink mountain tomato to later distribute it, especially in consumer cooperatives of organic products in Madrid and Barcelona,” says Javier Selva , Madrid photographer and promoter of the project of the Same name as the brand. Javier is the visible head, but only one more of all the people who are working for this project to generate wealth in a territory that struggles to maintain itself: “Consumers are increasingly sensitive to traditionally produced products, in an ecological way and This is why they have supported this idea through the crowfunding platform [ Namlebee collective microfinance], even with more contributions than we requested . ” They asked for 5,000 euros and in forty days they got 5,115.

The distribution of the money is transparent : 3,500 euros will be allocated to the construction and assembly of the greenhouse to protect the plants from frost and hail. Another 1,000 will be dedicated to the system of irrigation and ecological treatment of plants. And 500 are for the purchase of autochthonous plant from the extraction of the best pink mountain tomatoes.

Soon we will launch more news with the men and women of the area “ ” For now, the pink mountain tomato is the only product of . .. That I Love You Green , but soon we will launch more news that have to do with rural tourism and other initiatives with men and women in the area. We will work with people who have decided to bet on living in the mountains and keep their towns and landscapes alive, ” Javier explains, full of pride, and in March and April the soil preparation work will begin:” We will place the plant , depending on the cold and conditions, between April and May, and we hope to eat our first tomatoes in July or early August. “

Other experiences

There are other ways of returning to the rural world, although all have in common the respect for nature and the search for a simpler and more harmonious life . Lost in a corner of the Granada Alpujarra , in the municipality of Cáñar , on a slope of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada and near Órgiva, is a hippie town called Benefit . Some 200 people of different nationalities live here, on lands bought years ago and organized by permaculture themselves: they alternate in a sustainable and balanced way their homes with plots of cultivated orchards. No alcohol, no hard drugs or weapons , and total respect for nature. And of course, without discrimination based on race, sex or religion . Sharing food is another of its norms and they are strictly vegetarian . But in their own home, each one is free.

They are not the only ones. The self-managed utopia of Lakabe is internationally known. He was born in the eighties as a dream come true. An abandoned and recovered town in the north of Navarre, in an idyllic environment, one hundred percent self-sufficient and offering a high quality of life to its inhabitants, within a philosophy of natural life.

As in Matavenero , a small town at 1,000 meters altitude, in the Bierzo region (León) . His philosophy of life is respect for nature and organic farming . Decisions about the community are made by consensus . Among its inhabitants there is a doctor and a psychologist and they have a school for young children. The elderly go to the school in the nearby town. As they say on their website, Matavenero offers a space where you can get to know yourself, learn from Mother Earth and experience the coexistence of different ways of seeing life.

The peoples lose theirs

The Law of Rationalization and Sustainability of the Local Administration was approved by the Government last July without any consensus and taking advantage of the holiday period. Under the pretext of saving and rationality, a total of 3,200 smaller entities and 1,024 mancomunidades will be dismantled . This means that rural public services – previously managed directly in the villages – are diverted to Provincial Councils . Another of its consequences has even more importance and repercussion: the natural resources that belong to the towns, the communal goods, mountains, lands, etc., will also pass into the hands of the Provincial Councils . This means that, subsequently, the large private companies of agribusiness , tourism and services may manage and benefit from the heritage of all.


Poor Credit Installment Loans — Easy Option Of Gaining Immediate Cash

A large number of people will be rejected by the loan companies for that approval of the loans.

Are you aware because of which reason? Indeed, you guessed right. Simply because of bad credit record of the person, he/she is not accepted for the loan. This is not the issue of a single person yet there are a lot of people who are in trouble simply because of their bad credit position. But, now they do not be concerned about this. We are here along with bad credit installment financial loans which provide you with instant monetary support even if you are running upon bad credits. These financial loans have been formulated for the individuals of US, especially the salaried people of the US who have restricted salaries to solve their daily expenses.

Hold on to balances you have Some people find that credit score repair after bankruptcy is easier if the accounts they will don’t close out along the way are kept open and therefore are handled like they are fragile china. Take care to pay these types of accounts on time, all the time. Perform ensure that some credit can be used, however, but take it easy. Many people your mortgage, a car loan or perhaps a no credit check installment loans card that was retained or perhaps a combination of them, these balances will help you with credit restoration after bankruptcy.

You will not be asked in order to fax any documents or even pay any upfront costs.

It is quite quick and simple to apply for the installment loans no credit checks or so they say. Just as the name signifies you can apply for the mortgage by filling the online application which is very simple. Your mortgage will be sanctioned within twenty-four hours and the amount will be acknowledged to your account.

Be sure to completely perceive the cancellation essentials of every membership type. A lot of long-time periods well-being golf club contracts are virtually impossible to cancel. A month-to-month contract may be a better option installment loan for bad credit.

Personal bankruptcy is a devastating experience which will be hard to get over. It will take period and discipline to repair your credit rating, but this is the perfect time for you to learn never to make the exact same mistakes again and control your finances better.

Closing Your Own Card Account Will Not Increase Your Credit Score!

In regards down to getting a rapid authorization for a high-risk motorcycle funding, here are just a few tips to help ease the process. Traditionally when you are searching for a used or new bicycle and need financing, loan companies are going to be looking at a few points on your credit report card. Just what it depends on also if you are purchasing private or from a seller.

It is best to now dominate an accurate reflection of the condition of one’s finances and you may begin setting yourself a realistic arrange for the months and 12 months ahead. Don’t go with a price range that you understand will never become this will undoubtedly cause you to failing. A debt problem undertaken early is really a debt issue solved.

How do I ask for my free reports only by phone? Another option would be to call the 3 free credit reports per year from 1-877-322-8228 and follow the automatic voice prompts to purchase your reports. You can ask for one report, or almost all three. When you call, the particular automated system will inquire you for personal information the social security number, date of delivery, full name, and your current plus previous address. These activities are taken to prevent identity theft. Once you ask for is in, your reports are going to be mailed out to you within 15 days.

I evaluated all three credit reports plus found that there are a few out-of-date, and paid in full balances that are not on our Equifax and Experian free credit report, yet are on transitions. Can I ask for that said rationalization be put into Equifax and Experian, and can it help my rating?

It is very important in order to your credit report and score frequently. You can use one of the best credit reporting solutions offering a free trial as well as the cheapest price online.

Your child’s SSN is not really safe either. An identification thief loves to get their hands on a child’s SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. He can use a child’s SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER for about a decade before he could be at risk for getting caught. A great way to see if your child’s number continues to be compromised is to check the credit report in your child’s title and social security number. It there is activity on the report, in that case, your child’s number is being utilized and you should contact the credit scoring agencies right away and have all of the credit fraud reports on the account. Document a police report plus contact the social protection office.

I have a charge card which I lost track of right after moving around every semester. Close to a $500 stability. Six years after graduation, I restore a knock on the doorway from a guy serving me personally near a lawsuit for $2500, I hadn’t heard the article almost it the particular integral time. I completed near the attorney formerly going to trial, and as I hold to find out 3 times immediately by the company that sued me, it should not appear as a reasoning on my credit report. Nevertheless, it does show up on our Equifax, not the other, and also have absolutely killed my rank. They investigated and state its correct. Any recommendations? Can I dispute the second period? Should I check next to the particular county first to see exactly what status they hold?

People need to check their particular credit reports frequently in order to recognize the negative entries earlier and start the legal procedure. Take care of your credit report as you perform with your personal assets.