November 28, 2022

A rosy day for the Bangalore Flower Market

By Y Maheswara Reddy

The city’s florists expect a rush of business as the winners come out on Friday

The success of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidates from the three Lok Sabha constituencies in Bangalore brought good news to the florists in the city”. The flower vendors of the city should make huge profits selling Kanakambara (crossandra infundibuliformis) on Friday.

With thousands of temples visiting on a Friday, the demand for flowers-and-garlands” actualkeyword=”flowers and garlands”>flowers and garlands is generally high. KR Market Flower Merchants Association Chairman GM Diwakar explains, “Due to the ongoing wedding season, there is already a high demand for Kanakambara flowers. Added to this will be the resounding success of the BJP candidates. This will create a huge demand for garlands in Kanakambara flowers and paneer leaves, except flower bouquets.

According to him, the price of a garland depends on its size and the type of flowers used for it. “There have been occasions where politicians have paid around Rs 25,000 for a 25ft garland. To date, the garlands are being sold for between Rs 500 and Rs 10,000. Prices are likely to double on Friday,” he said. Expressing a similar opinion, Syed Nirazuddin from Karnataka Flowers said: “We are ready for Friday. We are ready to make garlands of any type or size. It squarely depends on the customers’ willingness to spend money,” says Nirazuddin.

According to him, the demand for garlands would be greater during the elections to the National Assembly. “The upcoming BBMP elections are likely to give us a bigger business than the general election,” he said.

There have been occasions when politicians have paid Rs 25,000 for a 25ft garland. To date, the garlands cost between Rs 500 and Rs 10,000

–Syed Nirazuddin, from Karnataka Flowers

With the BJP office located a few hundred meters from the Malleswaram Flower Market, florists expect big business. “BJP candidates are expected to visit the party office on Friday. Congratulations to the successful candidates from all constituencies in Lok Sabha State will take place in Malleswaram on Friday or Saturday. We expect to receive orders from BJP leaders for garlands and bouquets,’ a flower vendor told BM on condition of anonymity.

Mohammed Idrees Choudhury, general secretary of the Russell Market Traders Association, is convinced of the increased footfall at Russell Market florists. During this time, there was not much demand for sweets. “Sales are as usual. There is no demand for sweets from politicians,” says an employee of Sri Krishna Sweets.