November 19, 2022

An overview of floriculture and the flower market in India

Floriculture, or floriculture, refers to the cultivation of ornamental and flowering plants and is an integral part of the flower industry.

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, December 19, 2020 / – According to the IMARC Group report, the Indian flower industry was worth 188.7 billion INR in 2019 and is expected to grow with good prospects for the periods 2020 -25. The demand for flowers in Indian culture dates back to ancient times. Many traditional rituals and large gatherings involve a different variety of flowers. The commercial flower industry has recently grown with many prominent players entering online segments.

The flower industry in India is diverse and growing
India has a diverse range of climatic conditions and topography ranging from high mountains in the north to the Deccan highlands in the south. These various agro-climatic conditions are suitable for the cultivation of different types of flowers.

Another important factor for the flower industry in India is the availability of a skilled workforce as well as a large fertile soil. A survey by Send Flowers to Noida indicates that the demand for flowers in metropolitan cities has increased and will continue to increase in the times to come due to high demand.

The Indian government encourages new entrepreneurs in floriculture to expand their businesses. The horticulture departments of various states also help florists grow new varieties of flowers as well as native varieties. The Indian government has recognized floriculture as a booming market and granted it 100% export-oriented status. Commercial agriculture gains a significant share of exports. The new seed policy has made it easier for farmers to import planting material that meets international standards. The floriculture industry in India is shifting from traditional flowers to cut flowers. Countries like the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates are emerging as major importers of Indian flowers.

ICAR-Directorate of Floricultural Research (DFR) is an institute under the Indian Agricultural Research Council (ICAR) to promote and strengthen floricultural research and improve the technological base of floriculture. The Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA) is the nodal agency for export promotion and growth of floriculture in India. According to official APEDA export data, India exported 16,949.37 MT of floriculture products to the world for the value of Rs. 541.61 crore (75.89 million USD) in 2019- 2020. The Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA) also provides grants for the establishment of cold units, pre-cooling units, refrigerated vans and greenhouses.

Flower varieties in India and area cultivated in floriculture

Various geographic and agro-climatic conditions contribute to the growth of a wide range of flowers in India. The floriculture products in the Indian market mainly consist of cut flowers, cut decorative branches of eucalyptus and other ornamental plants and forest trees, potted plants, rooted cuttings tubers and dried flowers in Bangalore. Important flower crops that are exported to various countries include rose, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, baby’s breath, liastris, orchids, archilea, anthuru, tulip and lilies.

According to data on cultivated area in bloom, Karnataka is the leading producer of flowers (19,100 Ha), followed by Tamil Nadu (14,190 Ha) and West Bengal (12,285 Ha). The total area cultivated in flower is nearly 65,000 Ha.

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