November 28, 2022

Babul Supriyo criticizes Mamata Banerjee’s decision to open the flower market | India News

KOLKATA: Union Minister Babul Supriyo on Saturday criticized West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s decision to allow the opening of a large flower walked amid the lockdown to control the Covid-19 pandemic and claimed it would endanger public safety. The top BJP leader said opening the flower market would send a “bad signal” that the state is not facing the threat of coronavirus.
Supriyo, who had criticized the CM in a series of posts on his Twitter account on issues ranging from providing state test kits to alleged looting of ration items, tweeted on Saturday that by opening the flower market from Howrah “The CM endangers public safety and this reflects the dangerous situation in West Bengal.”
“If I say this, I will be criticized for playing politics. But you will tell me if it should be allowed. It becomes a problem because the government of Mamata Banerjee has authorized the shops of flowers, sweets, paan (betel) – everything to remain open.
“It gives the public the wrong message that West Bengal has successfully defeated corona. It makes the public assume that Covid-19 is a thing of the past,” the Union State Minister for Forests and Agriculture tweeted. environment in hindi.
“Hum bolega toh bologe ki Politics karta hai by aap log bataiye, aisa hona chahiye kya? Yeh issliye ho raha hai kyunki Phool, Mithai, Paan, sab kuch allow karke @MamataOfficial ji ne public ko yeh galat sanket jo de di ke CORONA ko WB hara chuki hai- #Covid_19 ab past hai,” Supriyo tweeted.
In another tweet earlier today, Supriyo also asked people to “challenge their CM on issues like going to flower markets” which has a large gathering and instead staying home.
Attaching a photo he claimed to be the scene of Howrah Flower Market on Friday night, Supriyo said: “It’s Howrah Flower Market – TODAY! I can’t blame them because Mamata Government cleared it to run! Such a sad and dangerous situation Plz PlZ Bengal, challenge your CM & #StayHomeIndia – the worst may be yet to come In fact the saying is better safe than sorry.”
The last line referred to Banerjee’s comments on public safety awareness at a recent press conference.
Supriyo said in another Bengali tweet on Friday, “You have a responsibility to run the state so please don’t take such a step of opening up the flower market. If you want to be on the side of the people you need to explain to being next to each other means keeping a physical distance Enforce social distancing Attend the Prime Minister’s meeting with the CMs.
Senior Congressional leaders in Trinamool could not immediately be reached for a response.