October 3, 2022

Bomb found at Delhi flower market

Indian demining experts cordoned off a busy flower market in the capital New Delhi on Friday after finding an improvised explosive device left in an abandoned bag, police said.

“The site is cordoned off and we have recovered an improvised explosive device (IED),” a policeman told AFP.

“Everything else, including who left the bag there and the type of explosive inside the bag, is a matter of investigation.”

Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana told NDTV news channel that the bag was left by a customer who went to a shop to buy flowers at the Ghazipur wholesale flower market.

According to the media, the police carried out a controlled explosion.

The East Delhi market welcomes thousands of small farmers, horticulturists and traders early in the morning.

India is in a heightened state of security ahead of Republic Day celebrations on January 26, when a military parade is due to take place in the heart of the capital.

Last year, police arrested four men for a minor bombing outside the Israeli Embassy.

No injuries were reported at the time, but the windows of three cars were blown out in the incident which has been described by Jerusalem officials as a terror attack.

India’s capital saw its last major terror attack in September 2008 when a series of bombings in busy, high-end shopping areas killed at least two dozen people and injured 90 others.

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