September 25, 2022

BOST CEO’s wreaths and obituary invoke fear

Some of the wreaths left at the entrance to BOST headquarters in Accra

Fear gripped workers at the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) after they were greeted at work on Monday by wreaths, bearing the name of Managing Director Mr Edwin Provencal, laid at the entrance to the headquarters social in Accra.

The identity of the character(s) behind them is unknown at this time.

The predominantly white and red wreaths bore inscriptions such as “RIP Mr Edwin Provencal”, “Rest well”, among others.

It was not immediately clear what message was supposed to be conveyed via the crowns, but Mr Provencal told the Daily Graphic the development was strange but not unexpected.

“Lately, the activities of transport owners on tampering and tampering with seals, which are curbed by BOST and the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), have made us targets,” he said.

Mr. Provencal also noted that action to stop the rot in the system to restore the company’s image and allow the government to reap the necessary revenue could be a factor.

Also, he said, the major carriers seemed unhappy that the Accra-Kumasi pipeline was taking their business away from them.

He said fully operational maritime assets carrying fuel to the northern part of the country could also divert business from transport owners, hence the alleged attack.

“I am not surprised as it could also be due to some disgruntled staff worrying about the introduction of stringent performance management systems to boost performance,” he added.