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ELLWOOD CITY – A special ceremony will take place at 10 a.m. on Saturday in front of the municipal building to lay a wreath at the WWII monument commemorating Victory in Europe Day.

Joe Fisher, Commanding Officer of American Legion Post 157, and Legion members will place the Beaver-Lawrence Veteran Honor Guard and the Guard of Honor will shoot a volley and Taps will be played to observe Germany’s official surrender on May 8, 1945, marking the end of World War II in Europe.

Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court will be the guest speaker and Steve Plyler, the pastor of the Bell Memorial Presbyterian Church, will give the blessing. The public is invited to attend.

“We are determined to remember our veterans,” said Fisher. “We never forget that freedom is not free, men and women have served and died for it.”

American Legion member Bob Morabito said remembering became more and more important every year because there were so few WWII veterans among us.

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Constellation Garden featured in UNC Charlotte Memorial Memorial Local News http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/constellation-garden-featured-in-unc-charlotte-memorial-memorial-local-news/ Sat, 01 May 2021 21:25:00 +0000 http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/constellation-garden-featured-in-unc-charlotte-memorial-memorial-local-news/

This artist rendering shows what the new memorial will look like on campus. It follows the orientation of the stars above the Kennedy Building on April 30, 2019, when the attack took place.

By UNC Charlotte

By UNC Charlotte

A “constellation garden” that follows the orientation of the stars above the Kennedy Building on April 30, 2019, is the basis of the conceptual design of the UNC Memorial of Remembrance in Charlotte.

The memorial will honor and forever remember Riley Howell and Reed Parlier, who lost their lives, and honor Rami Alramadhan, Sean DeHart, Emily Houpt and Drew Pescaro, who suffered physical injuries, and all who were present in Kennedy 236.

Brook Muller, dean of the College of Arts + Architecture at UNC Charlotte and chairman of the memorial jury, announced the permanent memorial’s decision on April 30 during this year’s virtual commemoration of Remembrance Day, two years after filming . The design, submitted by TEN x TEN Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, Hypersonic Collaborative and Susan Hatchell Landscape Architecture, was selected from four finalists and a total of 36 submissions from renowned local and national design teams.

“All of the finalists’ designs were incredibly creative,” said Muller. “The presentation led by TEN X TEN Landscape Architecture and Town Planning was, however, moving and moving. Each element is active, engaging and strongly connected to the UNC Charlotte community. The representation of the stars, represented by lights that are activated when people touch the vaulted structure of the memorial; the adjacent gathering spaces which feature plants imbued with deep symbolism represent emotions such as pain, divine sacrifice, strength, hope, love and peace; and stone benches engraved with the names of Reed and Riley create an atmosphere of contemplation and reflection, with earthy textured elements that complement high-tech ones.

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May Day protesters demand more job protection amid pandemic http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/may-day-protesters-demand-more-job-protection-amid-pandemic/ Sat, 01 May 2021 14:14:22 +0000 http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/may-day-protesters-demand-more-job-protection-amid-pandemic/

In countries that mark May 1 as International Labor Day, the annual celebration of workers’ rights produced a rare spectacle during the pandemic: large and tight crowds, with protesters marching side by side, fists clenched behind streamers.

Police in Turkey and the Philippines have blocked May Day protests, imposing virus locks and making hundreds of arrests. In France, some protesters fought with riot police.

For union leaders, this day was a test of their ability to mobilize workers in the face of deep economic disruption.

In France, thousands of people took to the streets with banners and union flags, surrounded by riot police and sometimes brawling with them. Face masks worn by many protesters were a reminder of how life has changed since the last traditional May 1 celebrations – in 2019, before the spread of the coronavirus destroyed lives and livelihoods and eroded civil liberties, including often understood the right to protest.

Riot police clashed with some protesters in Paris and the southern city of Lyon, as burned roadblocks threw clouds of smoke into the air of Paris. Police instructed the crowds to catch the suspected troublemakers and fired small amounts of tear gas. Paris police said they had made 34 arrests. Authorities also reported five arrests and 27 police officers injured in Lyon. But most of the dozens of marches across France went without incident.

Some protests, limited by coronavirus restrictions, were significantly fewer than those before the pandemic. Russia has seen only a fraction of its usual May 1 activities amid a coronavirus ban on gatherings. The Russian Communist Party attracted only a few hundred people to lay wreaths in Moscow. For a second consecutive year in Italy, May 1 took place without the usual big marches and rock concerts.

But in France, Germany, other places where gatherings were allowed, workers have expressed concerns about jobs and protections. In Bosnia, coal miner Turni Kadric said he and his colleagues “barely survived”.

In Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, thousands have expressed anger over a new jobs law that critics say will cut severance pay, reduce restrictions on workers foreigners and will increase outsourcing as the country seeks to attract more investment. Protesters in the capital city of Jakarta put up false graves in the streets to symbolize desperation and marches were held in some 200 cities.

In the Philippine capital of Manila, where a month-long coronavirus lockdown has been extended for two weeks amid an upsurge in infections, police have stopped hundreds of workers from protesting in a public square, the said. leader of the demonstration Renato Reyes. But protesters briefly gathered on a busy boulevard in Manila, demanding cash assistance in the event of a pandemic, wage subsidies and COVID-19 vaccines amid rising unemployment and hunger.

“The workers were largely left to fend for themselves while being locked up,” union leader Josua Mata said.

In Turkey, a few union leaders were allowed to lay wreaths in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, but riot police prevented many more from reaching the square. Istanbul governor’s office said 212 people have been taken into custody for violating coronavirus restrictions. Turks are not allowed to leave their homes except to collect essential food and medicine, as part of a lockdown until May 17 that aims to stem an upsurge in infections.

In Germany, where previous May 1 protests have often turned violent, police have deployed thousands of officers and warned rallies will be halted if protesters violate coronavirus restrictions. Protests in Berlin called for lower rents, higher wages and expressed other concerns. Far-right coronavirus deniers and opponents of anti-virus measures have also demonstrated.

Later on Saturday, one of the largest left-wing rallies in Berlin turned violent with protesters throwing bottles and stones at police and burning trash cans and wooden pallets in the streets, the news agency reported dpa. An unknown number of police and protesters were injured and several protesters were arrested.

In Italy, police clashed with a few hundred demonstrators in the northern city of Turin. In Rome, the Italian head of state paid tribute to workers and health workers.

“The impact of the crisis on women’s work and on young people’s access to employment has been particularly heavy,” said Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

Across the Atlantic in Brazil, thousands of protesters supporting President Jair Bolsonaro’s anti-lockdown stance gathered on Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Copacabana Beach – one of many such gatherings in across the country.

Bolsonaro’s office said he flew by helicopter over a similar rally in the capital, Brasilia, where some protesters carried banners urging him to call the military. There have also been protests in Brasilia and other cities against Bolsonaro’s handling of the pandemic. Brazil has seen more than 400,000 confirmed deaths from COVID-19, a toll just behind the United States.


Karmini reported from Jakarta, Indonesia, and Leicester from Le Pecq, France. AP journalists from around the world contributed.


Follow AP’s pandemic coverage further at https://apnews.com/hub/coronavirus-pandemic and https://apnews.com/hub/coronavirus-vaccine

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Wreaths Across America Mobile Exhibition Opens in Bakersfield | New http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/wreaths-across-america-mobile-exhibition-opens-in-bakersfield-new/ Fri, 30 Apr 2021 01:12:00 +0000 http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/wreaths-across-america-mobile-exhibition-opens-in-bakersfield-new/

It was designed to be inspiring, educational, and free.

But it was also built on wheels and will soon be on the road to its next destination.

The Wreaths Across America mobile education exhibit visited Bakersfield for the first time on Thursday to share its mission to “remember, honor, teach,” said Jennifer Merrill, exhibition ambassador mobile on education.

“We’ve been to many places – 77 events in 54 cities last year.” Merrill said at 9 a.m. on Thursday as the mobile exhibit opened to visitors.

Since February, the mobile unit and its two-person staff have visited Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas – and now California, she said.

The limited space inside is filled with information boards, photos, and a small theater where visitors can watch a 12-minute video that explains how Wreaths started and how its mission formed.

It was started by Maine businessman Morrill Worcester in 1992, but a family’s effort would grow by 2007 into a national program which now attracts millions of volunteers who lay wreaths on millions of graves of veterans.

“They’re generating interest. I understand that,” said Florn Core, who visited the mobile exhibit Thursday morning.

It is important, said Core, that Americans keep in mind the service and sacrifices made by millions of soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen over the course of the country’s history.

“There are several programs and ceremonies that take place (annually),” he said. “Anything that could extend any of them, I think, is a great idea.”

The mobile unit was parked outside the Portrait of a Warrior gallery on Eye Street in the downtown Bakersfield district.

“It’s a perfect solution for us,” said Lili Marsh, co-founder of the gallery that hosted the Wreaths exhibition.

Joshua Dhanens, director of the Kern County Veteran Services Department, also came to view the mobile exhibit. Dhanens served in the United States Army from 1996 to 2001, then served four more years in the Army National Guard.

“I think Kern County is really special in the way we honor and remember veterans and active duty members,” he said.

Many veterans pass by, he said, especially veterans of World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. This means that Bakersfield National Cemetery, located in the foothills east of Bakersfield, is simply growing in number by the number of its graves.

The next Wreath Day across America will be on December 18. Local volunteers will certainly answer the call.

Journalist Steven Mayer can be reached at 661-395-7353. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter: @semayerTBC.

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Paper flowers on display at the central library http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/paper-flowers-on-display-at-the-central-library/ Thu, 29 Apr 2021 22:21:10 +0000 http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/paper-flowers-on-display-at-the-central-library/

Photos courtesy of the Central Library

Spring is in full bloom at the Central Library as patrons can view the work of local artist Rae Duncan and the Vivid Blooms art exhibit.

Duncan’s Paper Flower Garden evokes spring with over 450 hand-cut craft flowers in a rainbow of colors and a variety of shapes and sizes.

Duncan makes decorative wreaths from recycled books. Each book page crown has its own unique beauty resulting from the way the pages have been cut, dyed, deconstructed and then rebuilt.

Director of the Newnan-Coweta Art Association, Duncan works primarily with paper in all of its formats – archival, recycled, specialty, and cardboard, among others. She received her BA and MA in Fine Arts from California State University in Los Angeles.

Professionally, she has over 35 years of artistic experience in the corporate field, starting as an illustrator and graphic designer and progressing to director of product development.

The Vivid Blooms exhibit will remain on display until May 7, after which the colorful flowers will be available for free, with donations to the library.

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Providence ARF celebrates April 24 at the Armenian Martyrs Monument http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/providence-arf-celebrates-april-24-at-the-armenian-martyrs-monument/ Thu, 29 Apr 2021 20:45:23 +0000 http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/providence-arf-celebrates-april-24-at-the-armenian-martyrs-monument/

Providence ARF members, Armenian Martyrs Monument, Providence, RI, April 24, 2021

PROVIDENCE, RI – Saturday April 24eAs news spread that President Biden had acknowledged the Armenian Genocide, a group of 15 members of the Providence ARF gathered at the Armenian Martyrs Monument at the entrance to the city’s northern burials.

President Paul Haroian welcomed the participants and spoke about the importance of the April 24 meeting.e.

Wreaths were laid on behalf of the following sister organizations: Providence AYF-YOARF, Providence ARS “Ani” and “Arax” Chapters, Homenetmen Providence and Hamazkayin with ARF.

In her closing remarks, ARF member Ani Haroian spoke about the path of recognition and the pursuit of justice. “Our work is far from over,” she said. “In fact, this is only just beginning as we seek reparations for our land and then pay for so many other losses and hardships that we have endured over the past 106 years,” she said. concluded.

Reverend P. Kapriel Nazarian of Sts. The Armenian Apostolic Church in Vartanantz conducted a short prayer service for martyrs at the site that buried the skull of a child who perished in the genocide.

Monument of the Armenian Martyrs, Providence, RI, April 24, 2021

Guest contributor

Guest contributions to Armenian Weekly are informative articles or press releases written and submitted by members of the community.

Guest contributor

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One year later: “Remembrance, appropriation, awareness” | Item http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/one-year-later-remembrance-appropriation-awareness-item/ Thu, 29 Apr 2021 19:45:38 +0000 http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/one-year-later-remembrance-appropriation-awareness-item/

Col. Kevin Bradley, commander of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, leads the Brave Rifles in a race commemorating the first anniversary of Vanessa Guillen’s disappearance and death at Fort Hood, Texas, April 22. (Photo credit: Blair Dupré, Fort Hood Public Affairs) SEE THE ORIGINAL

FORT HOOD, Texas – In the cold morning hours of April 22, the entire 3rd Cavalry Regiment competed in a commemorative race in honor of Spc. Vanessa Guillén.

The day marked the first anniversary of his murder, and it was important for the 3rd Cav. Regt. Commander Col. Kevin Bradley let the whole regiment honor his memory.

“She was a sister, a daughter, but also a soldier and a member of the Brave Rifles. We wanted to… remember her as one of our teammates and make that part of our tradition, part of our history. Bradley said. “What we wanted to do today is demonstrate our ownership and take responsibility for this gate to maintain it, care for it and protect it in the future.”

April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Bradley has emphasized the importance of being there for other soldiers who have stepped forward and those who suffer in silence.

“We have victims inside, we have survivors in our formation who suffer in silence and it’s up to us to have the moral courage to step in, prevent harassment, step in and protect our teammates. because combat is a team sport. and we need everyone on the team to feel like part of the team and loved by the members of this organization, ”Bradley said. “We all have a role to play in ending harassment and eradicating assault, then caring for our family members and training survivors.

Three wreaths were laid at the foot of the Vanessa Guillén gate by members of her squadron. The first crown represented her dedication to duty, the second represented Guillén’s commitment to excellence and the third represented her caring nature and the impact she left on the 3rd Cav. Regt.

Garland deposit
Cpl. Rodolfo Ortiz, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, lays the third of three wreaths at the base of the New Vanessa Guillen Gate in Fort Hood, Texas, April 22. (Photo credit: Blair Dupré, Fort Hood Public Affairs) SEE THE ORIGINAL

“Vanessa’s death was a tragic event, and one the regiment will never forget, and that is why we are leading this race. Vanessa loved to run, and that’s one way we can honor and remember her today, ”he said.

Bradley knows that Vanessa’s memory and impact will live on in the 3rd Cav. Regt. fully intends to honor its legacy by maintaining the newly dedicated site.

“The 3rd Cavalry Regiment manages this gate and we take possession of it. We will never forget Vanessa as we take care of this site every day and it is part of the Brave Rifles legacy. His legacy is the People First initiatives that have led to building trust and team cohesion throughout the regiment and throughout the army, ”he said.

After the crown was laid, taps were played. Then, after the dark moment, the more than 3,500 soldiers of the 3rd Cav. Regt. went on to finish the race.

“These are the three things we’re trying to do today: remember, take ownership and raise awareness,” Bradley said of why they raced. “Vanessa’s legacy is a foundation for building mutual trust and cohesive teams across the regiment. We are committed to ensuring the safety, respect and dignity of every team member and to preventing harassment and sexual assault. “

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Use the fabric to create arts and crafts http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/use-the-fabric-to-create-arts-and-crafts/ Thu, 29 Apr 2021 16:00:00 +0000 http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/use-the-fabric-to-create-arts-and-crafts/

Fabric is an excellent material for arts and crafts. Compared to paper, it is more durable and flexible. In addition, it is colorful, especially if you are using colored or printed textile. So, if you have fabric scraps in your home, you can turn them into beautiful works of art. To give you a better view, here are some fabric craft ideas you can make.

1. Fabric crowns

Wreaths are a great decorative element that you can place on your wall or doorway to make your room more welcoming. In addition, they are easy to manufacture.

The first step in making a fabric wreath is to twist a wire frame into a circle, creating a frame for your wreath. Then you can tie your scraps of fabric around the frame. To get a uniform look, you can cut the fabric scraps into rectangular pieces. Apart from that, you have to push the knots together to make the crown voluminous. Finally, tie a thin ribbon so that you can hang the wreath.

2. Fabric necklaces

Fabric necklaces are some of the best fabric craft ideas you can make because you can wear them. This type of collar will look great when paired with a white shirt or blouse.

The first step in making a fabric collar is to cut or tear your fabric scraps into three long strips. Next, braid the three bands together, creating a rope for your necklace. Depending on your preference, you can either make the rope short or long. Then braid two more strings. The three cords can have varying lengths, preferably about a two inch difference.

Once you’ve braided all three ropes, line their ends together using hot glue. You need to glue the other ends. Then secure both ends with hot glue. Finally, you can cover the area where the two ends meet with a small piece of fabric.

3. Drawstring bag

Another great project that you can do with your fabric scraps is a drawstring bag. You can use this bag to store your makeup, phone or other accessories.

To make a drawstring bag, face two scraps of fabric. The right sides should face each other. Then lift the lower part of the upper fabric, place hot glue all over the seam, and press down while the glue is still hot.

The next step is to lay a ribbon on the top of the fabric, about half an inch below the top. From there, place hot glue under the ribbon and fold the fabric, creating a pocket for the ribbon. Then turn the fabric over, then repeat the previous steps with the other piece of fabric. You must use the same ribbon.

Then you can secure the sides of your drawstring bag by applying hot glue along the edge. Finally, turn your bag inside out.

Overall, these are some of the best fabric art and craft ideas you can come up with. As you can see, most of these projects are easy to do and you will surely enjoy doing them.


5 Voguish accessories to own this summer

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Appomattox UDC Holds Annual Memorial Service | New http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/appomattox-udc-holds-annual-memorial-service-new/ Thu, 29 Apr 2021 16:00:00 +0000 http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/appomattox-udc-holds-annual-memorial-service-new/

April is Confederate History Month and on Sunday April 11 the Appomattox United Daughters of the Confederacy held their annual memorial service at the Confederate Cemetery.

The special guest speaker was Dr. H. Rondel Rumburg of Spout Spring.

Appomattox Courthouse Rangers SCV, Napoleon Bonaparte Ponton Camp, Charlotte County Grays Camp and High Bridge SCV Camp presented the Color Guard and Musket Salute.

Wreaths were presented by Appomattox UDC, Appomattox Juniors CofC, Virginia Division CofC, Mary Oney Fizer UDC, Jubal Early UDC, Fredericksburg UDC, HA Carrington UDC and Farmville Chapter UDC, Virginia Society of the Confederate Rose, Charlotte County Grays SCV, Historic Staunton River Foundation, Julia Jackson Chapter UDC and the Napoleon Bonaparte SCV.

Ms. Karen Sale, President of the Appomattox Section welcomed everyone to the program. Greetings were brought by the 2nd General Vice-President of CofC and member of Appomattox Juniors, Miss Laural Williams.

Miss Autumn Shook, member of Appomattox Juniors, sang songs. Ms. Susan Reynolds of the Appomattox UDC read a poem. Ms. Stella Osborne introduced the speaker and the participants who presented wreaths.

The invocation and blessing were given by Mr. Joe Ferris of the Appomattox Ranger Camp. Mr. Keith Hamilton, also from Appomattox Rangers Camp, played taps. The CofC Appomattox Juniors led the promises.

Each Confederate’s grave was presented with a flag, along with the American flag to the only Union soldier who rests here. Flowers were also placed on each grave to remind all of their sacrifices and services rendered during these four long years of war.

The Appomattox UDC has issued the following statement:

“The Appomattox UDC would like to thank all the UDC groups and SCV camps who came and participated in our program. It was our honor to present this special service, which has been taking place at this location for over 100 years.

If you want more content like this, support local journalism by purchasing The Times Virginian newspaper at a local newsstand or subscribing to www.timesvirginian.com/subscriber_services to receive the print edition and / or version electronic.

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DAR and CAR celebrate Earth Day http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/dar-and-car-celebrate-earth-day/ Thu, 29 Apr 2021 15:52:28 +0000 http://flowersnfloristsindia.com/dar-and-car-celebrate-earth-day/

Members of the Trumbull-Porter Chapter, Daughters of the National American Revolutionary Society (NSDAR) and Charles Merriman Society members, Children of the American Revolution (RCA) celebrated Earth Day by helping clean up the Old Burying Ground in Watertown. They picked up the 82 Wreaths Across America wreaths that had been placed on the graves of veterans buried in the cemetery and collected a number of garbage bags.

Members of the Charles Merriman Society and Children of the American Revolution (CAR)

After the RCA members cleared the cemetery, they held a brief meeting and discussed what Earth Day was. A discussion took place on various ways to help reduce household waste or reuse or reuse certain household items. Members also learned of the existence of Charles Merriman, their company’s namesake. He was a 14 year old drummer boy in the American Revolution and is buried in the Old Burying Ground. They were then treated with ice cream by members of the DAR.

Among many different activities, the Trumbull-Porter Chapter, DAR is responsible for taking care of the old Burying Ground, which they have been doing since 1904. Currently, this is done with the help of grants from the Woodward Foundation, The Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation, and the Watertown Foundation. The Watertown Public Works Department, Parks and Recreation Department, and Roads Department all contribute to different aspects of the work in the Old Cemetery.

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