September 25, 2022

Coimbatore City Flower Market Urgently Needs Parking – The New Indian Express

Through Express news service

COIMBATORE: The Flower Market (Poo Market) is one of the busiest places in town. But walking on or towards the flower market on Mettupalayam Road is a nightmare for everyone, every day.

A visual of the neighborhood is always this one – buzzing with crowds, vehicles parked haphazardly on the side of the roads, flower shops encroaching on the pathways, pedestrians using the road to get around. As a result, pedestrians are forced to walk on roads that present a major risk. The situation has remained the same for several decades.

Kishore Kumar, a rickshaw driver, complained about shops occupying part of the trails. “Traders are unruly when it comes to obeying the rules. As they use the sidewalk to place products, pedestrians cannot find a place to walk and are forced to use the roads in heavy traffic. . ”

Asha Devi, a pedestrian, claimed that the condition of an inappropriate walking track loomed for at least more than half a kilometer on the road to the flower market.

For CM Jayaraman, president of Citizens’ Voice, Coimbatore (CVC), lack of parking is a major problem. deal with this situation every day. The municipality must build a parking lot on several levels. For the moment, vehicles must be allowed to park in the old flower market.

The traders of the flower market echoed the same thing.

Kovai Maanagar Mavatta President Anaithu Malar Viyabarigal Nala Sangam, R Ravichandran, said: “Our traders are content with the space available near the new market complex. By creating space for parking in the old market, the problem of random parking could be solved. easily, “he said.

Speaking to TNIE, Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) commissioner Raja Gopal Sunkara said authorities removed some encroachments on the flower market on Monday.

When asked if the company is keeping an eye on the matter, a senior official in the Western Zone said they are still watching out for encroachments. “We plan to fine the violators to prevent them from encroaching on the sidewalk again. On Monday, we removed some structures and poles installed by traders along the sidewalk,” he added.