September 25, 2022

Delhi police find bicycle used to plant improvised explosive devices at Ghazipur flower market | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: A Delhi Police special cell recovered a bicycle, which was stolen in 2020, parked in the parking lot of Dilshad Garden metro station, which was likely used to transport the improvised explosive device (IED) at the Ghazipur flower market last month.
Investigators are investigating any support given by local residents to the suspects. Also, the similarities between the improvised explosive devices in Ghazipur and ancient Seemapuri are being worked out to focus on other suspects.
Earlier on Friday, Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana told media that there were similarities between the IED which was recovered in Ghazipur on January 17 and the one recovered and neutralized in Old
Speaking to the media, Asthana also said, “An IED was recovered in Ghazipur on January 17, a similar IED was recovered and neutralized in old Seemapuri yesterday. According to the investigation, these IEDs were ready to target public places, such activities are not possible without local support.”
He had further said that the special cell and investigation teams were trying to anticipate any such incident in Delhi and expose any local or foreign network.
Earlier on Thursday, a timer device containing ammonium nitrate and RDX was used in an improvised explosive device (IED) recovered from a house in Old Seemapuri, northeast Delhi, the National Guard said. security (NSG).
The elite NSG wing under the Home Office also said the IED was recovered from the second floor of a house and weighed around 2.5kg to 3kg.
A Bomb Disposal Team (BDS) from the NSG released the IED shortly after arriving at the scene around 2:45 p.m. following reports of the explosive received from the Delhi Police.
(With ANI entries)