November 28, 2022

Flower Market Faces Huge Losses Due to Below Average Wedding Season in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh | Allahabad News

PRAYAGRAJ: Flower growers and wholesale flower market vendors in Sangam town like Naini, Gaughat and Phaphamau are in a difficult situation. With the end of the wedding season and the steadily declining demand for flowers, flower sellers are struggling to sell the flowers, which already have a short shelf life.
Several vendors said, “With the absence of weddings, parties and the city’s steadily declining demand for flowers, we are struggling to sell the flowers that were being transported from neighboring areas like Varanasi, Mirzapur and Bhadohi. Flower markets usually see a lot of business around festivals, but this year, too, the scenario has remained extremely gloomy. Salespeople witnessed one of our lowest sales.
Madhav, a wholesaler of Naini flower mandi, told TOI: “The peak flower sales season has always been recorded during the wedding season, but this year the whole season has been hampered by the April lockdown. and May ”. He added that “the demand for flowers from temples and festivals in the city has also decreased, and as a result, we are facing a difficult scenario.”
Many local farmers who harvest flowers like rose and marigold in the trans-Ganga and trans-Yamuna pockets of the district have no choice but to sell them at nominal prices.
Another wholesaler from Naini, Rajaram, said: “We face a critical situation when our flowers are not sold, and sometimes we have to throw them away. We want the state government and relevant authorities to take action to provide relief to flower growers and traders. ”
After the June 1 eases, he said: “There has been a sharp drop in flower sales since the lockdown was lifted. Farmers who grow flowers in areas like Arial, Phaphamau, Mahewa, Manda, Chaka are suffering increasing losses as their produce remains unsold. The demand for flowers has declined by over 30-40% as weddings and receptions are postponed or canceled and places of worship request only a small amount of flowers. ”
Retailers said most flower shops are closed during the lockdown. “From mid-May, we received very few orders for decorations for weddings or parties. In addition, as the wedding season will also end on July 15 and there are hardly any weddings or small gatherings being held, the demand for flowers has fallen flat, ”said Sudhir, a flower merchant. .
Most sellers who set up shops outside temples or mosques had to bring a small number of flowers as buyers were limited. Wholesale traders have claimed that the flower mandi faces an uncertain future in the past two years.
“Gone are the days when we had to bring flowers from mandi from Varanasi and Mirzapur to meet the huge demand during wedding season. However, now they are struggling to sell the products that farmers buy, ”said another trader.