November 19, 2022

flower market: Gurugram: After 5 years, the flower market project is gaining momentum | News from Gurgaon

GURUGRAM: Almost five years after being burnt down, the Gurugram Flower Market project – billed as NCR’s largest – finally appears to be gaining momentum. The project was conceived in 2015, with the aim of helping flower growers in Haryana to present and sell their products in the international market.
State Agriculture Minister JP Dalal inspected the site of the proposed flower market in Sector 52A on Friday and held a meeting with officials from the Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board. , who sources said told him the land issue had been settled with GMDA.
Speaking to the media, the minister said that a special purpose vehicle (SPV) would be formed within 10 days and a revenue model would be developed for the implementation of the project.
“HSAMB will form an SPV, in association with GMDA, to manage the proposed flower market and call the consulting firm that participated in the tendering process before taking a call on the revenue model and modus operandi of the Marlet. All of these processes will take shape in the next two months, ”he said.
“Lakhs of farmers from Haryana will benefit from the proposed flower market. Once this starts, farmers in Haryana will no longer have to travel to Delhi to sell their produce. In addition to saving their transport costs, the profits will also increase, ”said the Minister of Agriculture.
In fact, this project was announced by the Minister of Agriculture of Haryana, OP Dhankar, during his address at the first Agricultural Leadership Summit in 2015. Dhankar then asserted that this project would be completed within two years. years and a half. However, five years later, the project is still at an “evolutionary stage”.
Each year, flowers worth Rs 260 to Rs 275cr arrive at Gurugram markets via Ghazipur mandi in Delhi, which records a total trade of Rs 650 to Rs 700cr per year, according to marketing board estimates. by Haryana.
And it is the flower growers of Gurugram and other districts of Haryana who are forced to sell their products in Gazipur mandi in the absence of such a market in this district.
Traditional flowers such as marigold and rose are grown in abundance in Gurugram, Panipat, Karnal, Sonipat, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Jind, Bhiwani, Jhajjar and Yamunanagar.
HSAMB Chief Administrator Sumedha Kataria said: “The proposed market will have an auction center, flower grading and sorting center in addition to retail outlets. The government is also considering opening a flower research center in this market.