November 28, 2022

Flower market in full bloom thanks to Valentine’s Day – The New Indian Express

Express press service

BENGALURU: Early morning see the KR market flooded with people trying to buy flowers at wholesale prices. The wedding season from December to May has led to an increase in flower rates in the market. Nearly 10,000 people flock to the market, most of them local vendors, flower shop owners, and event and wedding planners. The market starts at 5am and continues until 9am.

Purple and blue orchids are the most expensive flowers on the market. “Each bouquet costs around Rs 800. Previously it was Rs 300,” said Ashok, a flower vendor at the market. Jasmine flowers are next on the list, which cost around Rs 800/kg. They usually cost around Rs 250 during non-wedding season.

The price of flower garlands has also increased to Rs 300/kg, against its usual Rs 60. A group of 10 people work together to complete the task on time. “During the wedding season, flower garlands are in high demand and we receive multiple orders in a single day,” Bhaskar said.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, roses are definitely in demand and prices have risen from Rs 200 to Rs 350. “Each color of rose has different prices, usually they are in high demand from February 12 to 15,” said Kannan, a flower seller.

Most flowers are purchased from Hoskote and Hassan. They are loaded at 12 noon and reach the city before sunrise. The vendors then set up their booth and tie the flowers into bouquets before people arrive.