November 28, 2022

Flower market reopens after 20 days, but sees few buyers | Madurai News

Madurai: The famous flower market in Madurai, one of the largest in southern Tamil Nadu, resumed operations after a hiatus of around 20 days on Wednesday. Sales were lackluster amid the first-day lockdown.
The flower market was closed for the first time in around 50 years as part of the nationwide lockdown. As April-June is the first peak season for many flowers including jasmine, tons of flowers were wasted after the market closed. In a respite for the farmers, Madurai District Collector Dr TG Vinay organized the transport of 10 tonnes of jasmine from farms around Madurai to perfume factories in Dindigul and Coimbatore.
On Tuesday, the district administration announced that the flower market could operate at the grounds of the racecourse, the premises of the EVR Corporation Girls’ Higher Secondary School and the Arapalayam Bus Stand from Wednesday.
However, only the racetrack market saw trade. People didn’t seem to know there was a market in Arapalayam, and the EVR school was in a lockdown area of ​​the city.
Veerasamy from Pothumbu on the outskirts of Madurai, was a desperate farmer who rushed to seize the opportunity. “I grew cockscombs and marigolds on my 35-acre farm. But I was unable to get a collector’s transport pass to take the flowers to market,” he said. he said.A dozen farmers who had come to the collector claimed that the police had not allowed them to transport the flowers to the market.
The supply of flowers such as jasmines, pitchi, chrysanthemums, marigolds and cockscomb, among others, was low. All only came in quantities of less than 500 kg on Wednesday.
Sources from the Mattuthavani Flower Market Association said they will continue to suffer losses even if the market resumes operations, as people will be more concerned about buying essentials on time.
Jasmine was sold for around Rs 150 per kilogram on Wednesday. “The temples are closed, there are no festivals or ceremonies, so the need to buy flowers is less during this lockdown period, and we will have to give the flowers to whoever comes to buy them,” Ramalinam said. , a trader, who was among the handful of traders who were present at the market on Wednesday.