May 28, 2022

Flower market temporarily moved to JK Grounds – Mysuru Today

Mysuru, April 12: – Due to the increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the sale of flowers at Devaraja Market in Mysuru has been moved to JK Grounds on Sheshadri Iyer Road for three days. With Ugadi due to be celebrated tomorrow (April 13), the city’s flower and fruit markets are expected to experience a strong rush. The decision to do the temporary shift was made on Saturday evening. As a result, all of the flower vendors have moved to JK Grounds and will be there until the end of the festival.

The pandemic appears to have little effect on people’s moods. Households were busy buying jaggery, neem leaves, mango leaves and fruits to welcome Ugadi. Flower sellers are unhappy that they were asked to move to JK Grounds for three days. They wondered why this always happened to them every time there was a festival.

Compared to other festivals, the sale of flowers during Ugadi should not be more important but it will not be less. The common complaint is that JK Grounds does not have basic infrastructure. The sale of jasmine, kanakaambara, cassandra, rose and other flowers was strong. Many had set up temporary tents to fight the scorching sun. As usual, the sellers had raised the prices to make a quick buck. (MR / GK)

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