November 28, 2022

Funeral wreaths and white flags placed outside temple trees

Wreaths and white flags were placed outside Temple Trees today to remember the victim of the Rambukkana shooting.

Protesters staged a funeral march from Galle Face to Temple Trees and gathered outside the gates of the Prime Minister’s official residence.

Protesters placed wreaths and white flags with red spots on the barricades outside Temple Trees and on part of the wall.

A small police presence was seen outside the gate and the whole event passed off peacefully.

The protest was held to mark the funeral of Chaminda Lakshan who was shot dead by police in Rambukkana last week.

The police opened fire on a group of protesters in Rambukkana this week, killing one person and injuring several others.

Police spokesman, Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) Nihal Thalduwa said police opened fire after initially using tear gas.

He said police opened fire when protesters allegedly tried to set fire to the tanker.

According to police, demonstrators had blocked the train tracks and protested in the area for several hours.

Police had advised protesters to block the tracks but the request was denied.

According to the Police, the demonstrators then set fire to a three-wheeler and tried to set fire to the tanker truck.

Police opened fire on protesters, killing one person and injuring at least 24 others.

The police media unit said a number of officers were also injured in the incident.

The Police Special Task Force (STF) was then deployed to the area in an attempt to control the situation. (Colombo Official Gazette)

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