November 19, 2022

Funeral wreaths with LED lights and artificial flowers are gaining popularity in Singapore

SINGAPORE – More and more people are turning to the more durable wreaths, made of artificial flowers and LED lights, to express their condolences to loved ones of those who have passed away.

The change in preferences, from fresh flower crowns, began in the middle of last year, suppliers said.

Companies the Sunday Times spoke to said LED crowns were introduced here in 2019 after taking off in Taiwan and China.

Reusable and eco-friendly, these wreaths have become popular due to lower rental, larger appearance and customization potential. Some can even display ticker-style messages.

Rental fees — which includes on-site installation — range from $90 to $120 per wreath, which is less expensive than a fresh wreath.

Eternity Funeral Service managing director Eforce Tan, 37, said his company saw a 30% increase in demand for LED wreaths this year compared to last year.

He said: “Some vigils are held for seven days, but traditional fresh flower wreaths can only last four to five days.”

Soul of Productions founder Lim Kok Wei said that after a few days, the artificial flowers just need to be cleaned and the damaged ones need to be replaced.

His company recently set up 102 electronic LED flower wreaths, 50 lanterns and two balloon arches for a wake at Hougang Street 51.

In total, the wake had 162 LED wreaths, 50 lanterns and seven balloon arches, Lim said.

“It was definitely one of the biggest (funeral displays) in Singapore this year,” he said.

The 35-year-old, who started supplying LED wreaths in March this year, sees a 20-30% increase in demand for wreaths each month.

He added that the lower rental fees are also a plus, as “most fresh flower crowns cost at least $120.”

Last Journey Flower Wreath Founder Mr Jeremy Ng, 23, said he ordered two to five LED wreaths per wake last year but is now getting orders for 20-100 per wake . He had a recent order for 130 crowns.

He said some people like that the wreaths can be personalized according to the religion of the deceased and that they make the wake more grand.