November 28, 2022

Garbage continues to pile up at the Madurai Flower Market | Madurai News

MADURAI: Garbage generated at the flower market in Matuthavani the agri-marketing yard, one of the largest markets in the region, has proven to be a perpetual problem.
With over 140 shops, the market handles at least 100 tons of flowers, especially the famous one from Madurai Madurai Mali and serves Madurai city and neighboring districts.
The market, visited by hundreds of people every day, from flower growers to customers, has no landfill or processing facility. Flower waste is dumped at the back of the market. It continues to accumulate and the rain worsens the situation.
“The company takes no responsibility for the garbage here. This location is inside a marketing yard and the company maintains that it is outside of its jurisdiction. The committee has to pay them to clean the bins,” says a conservation worker. He said the company trucks come once every two or three months and clean up all the garbage at once.
Sources say flower vendor associations have been addressing the issue with the company and the marketing court for some time. But they are united.
“There are five to six associations here and each wants to dictate its terms. As they meddle in their own affairs, these common issues go unchecked,” a source said.
President of the Association of Flower Merchants Ramachandran says the problem has been haunting them for some time. He said society should by default pick up and clean up trash, but wash their hands.