September 25, 2022

Ghazipur flower market blooms again

Ghazipur flower market blooms again

Buyers are making a comeback for the holiday season

Considered one of India’s largest flower markets, Ghazipur Phool Mandi, on the outskirts of Delhi, is blooming again after two years as shoppers return in time for the holiday season.

Upon entering Ghazipur Flower Market, one can only see piles of colorful flowers scattered all over the market, spread over more than 15 acres of land and considered to be India’s largest flower market. Rose, lily, mogra, marigold, orchid, chrysanthemum, rajnigandha – name it, and the flower market has the flower of your choice!

Ghazipur Flower Market, a wholesale market, is known for its extraordinary variety of flowers from almost every possible location in India and even overseas.

However, the scent of these fresh flowers had been gone for nearly two years as the lockdown not only meant that supplies were affected, but there were hardly any buyers as people stayed inside for. several months, including the peak holiday season.

Now, with the pandemic subsiding, at least for now, the market is again teeming with fresh flowers from around the world and shoppers are flocking, hoping to bring the scent of the festivals back to their homes.

Flower vendors say that the holiday and wedding seasons are very important as the demand is very high around this time and each store sells between 20 and 50 kg of flowers each day.

As buyers keep coming in, during this time, flower vendors order larger quantities and store unsold flowers in a cold room in the market to keep them for up to 5 days at a time.

While common flowers like marigold and roses are in high demand throughout the year, flower sellers say they also run rare and imported flowers, but by prior request and confirmed orders.

“The demand for unique flowers is not that great, only those who organize big parties and weddings ask for these rare and imported flowers because they have a lot more money to spend. We get flowers from overseas like Thailand, Malaysia or even the Netherlands and New Zealand for them. These people provide us with a confirmed order in advance so that we can process it within 4-5 days, ”says Teg Singh Choudhary, a flower merchant who is also an elected member of the governing body of this flower market. .

Flower sellers say that during the peak period they can make a decent living as they manage to make a profit of around 15-20 INR per kilo of flowers sold. “It’s the most important time of the year for us because there are a lot of people and demand. But once Diwali and the wedding season are over, the crowds decline, as does the demand for flowers, ”says Choudhary, who has worked in the flower business for over 25 years.