November 19, 2022

History, observance and all you need to know about this day

National Wreaths Day across America has one simple mission: “Remember the fallen American veterans; honor those who serve; and teach your children the value of freedom.

This important day is an annual event that takes place every third Saturday in December at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as other cemeteries across the United States, at sea and abroad.

Wreaths are laid as family and friends remember both those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those currently serving in the armed forces.

How to observe Crown Day across America:

Across the country, volunteers are gathering to lay wreaths on military graves. You can also help by volunteering. Bring your kids, no matter how old they are. This is a great opportunity to explain to them the sacrifices our soldiers and their families make and to show them respect for our soldiers.

You can also donate to make sure every fallen hero is honored. Many volunteers start by laying wreaths for their family members, but find that they continue to help each year. The sense of a dark commitment to honor the military with a crown grows with each passing year.

History of National Wreath Day across America:

In 1992, Morrill Worcester and his Worcester Wreath Company of Harrington, Maine had a surplus of wreaths near the end of the holiday season. Years before, as a young boy, Worcester had visited Arlington National Cemetery in our nation’s capital.

The experience reminded him throughout his life of the sacrifice some had made in order for others, including himself, to succeed and thrive.

Worcester has plans to lay wreaths in honor of our veterans in an older and less visited section of Arlington National Cemetery. Volunteers stepped forward to help deliver and place the wreaths.

In 2007, the Wreaths Across America nonprofit group was founded. Since then, the event has spread to all 50 states to lay wreaths in veterans cemeteries to remember our fallen heroes, honor those who serve and teach our children about the sacrifices made by veterans. and their families.

Wreaths across America traditionally lay wreaths on the second Saturday in December. From 2016, wreaths will be laid on a Saturday in December.