November 28, 2022

Idea Blooms: Modern Flower Market in Ghazipur in Less Than Three Years | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: In a move that could help the flower trade affected by the pandemic to flourish again, the Delhi government has initiated the process of reorganizing the flower market in Ghazipur, the largest in the NCR. A new complex with a multi-storey building and cold storage facilities has been planned at the current wholesale market site, which would be of great help to traders who sell the highly perishable product.
The Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board (DAMB) plans to modernize the wholesale flower and poultry markets in Ghazipur and work is expected to start soon. The flower market not only sources from different parts of India, but also countries in Southeast Asia and Europe. The flowers are then sold to other parts of India.

The more than 400 stores in the market operate in sheds located next to grimy alleys. The lack of proper cold storage facilities means that most produce has to be sold the same day or thrown in the trash, as the flowers wither quickly. However, the overhaul of the market would mean that all traders would have warehouse-office spaces with cold rooms, apart from points of sale for commission agents.
The massive overhaul to be carried out at a cost of Rs 197.4 crore would see a four-story building with a huge basement stand on the 10-acre site of the current market.
The ‘modern flower market‘ would not only have the latest cold storage facilities, but the entire complex would see new internal roads and better arrangements for water supply, sanitation, internal and external electrical works. , an electrical substation and a new fire alarm and fire fighting system, etc.
The central structure would have a basement spread over 26,550 square meters, which would not only be used for parking vehicles, but also for the cold room with locking systems allowing traders to store flowers. The ground floor and the three upper floors would have 222 outlets for wholesalers with hangars and cold rooms and 192 commission stores with cold rooms.
The floor area of ​​the ground floor would be 5,530 square meters, 4,760 m² for the first floor and 5,165 m² for the second and third floors. The first floor would house offices for traders, the second floor would be used for commercial and administrative purposes and the third floor would have offices for small traders.
The makeover project was repeatedly delayed for various reasons, including obtaining permission from various authorities. The project was approved in the DAMB budget adopted in January 2019 and was due to be completed by December 2020, but the pandemic has put a wrench in the work.
DAMB is an autonomous body of the government of Delhi which aims to establish and regulate the wholesale markets of agricultural products in the city. It also creates a platform for farmers and producers to facilitate the sale of their products through an open auction system. There are seven agricultural wholesale markets in Delhi under the supervision and control of the agency.