November 28, 2022

Madurai Flower Market Deserted Without Buyers | Madurai News

MADURAI: The Madurai Central Flower Market appears lifeless even after starting to function, with the lockdown being relaxed, temples remaining closed, and large functions not allowed.
As the market usually deals with flowers available in the area, the supply is high. The market has been operating for a few weeks following the Covid-19 prevention standards. As it is jasmine season, flowers arrive in tons from farms in Madurai district, where they are grown over thousands of acres – in Thirumangalam, Usilampatti and a few other blocks.
However, the fall in prices discouraged farmers. On Tuesday, a kg of jasmine was sold for Rs 300, while other flowers like arali and sampangi, which are used for garlands, were sold for Rs 20 to 30 per kg. The market had five tons of jasmine on Tuesday alone. This was double the number of markets operating at full capacity, said S Balamurugan, a trader.
Madurai Flower Market Associations Coordinator Pookadai S Ramachandran said only the reopening of the temples would provide respite for farmers and traders, as the colorful flowers used in garlands do not find a taker. “We hope that the temples will open soon or that the government will allow them to be open to worshipers on restricted hours,” he said.
Ramachandran said that since the lockdown has been in place for more than a year now, flower growers are considering migrating to vegetables and rice.
Even now, many of them had to leave flowers unpicked because the low prices had hit them hard, he said.