October 3, 2022

madurai: Piles of garbage turn into health problem at Madurai flower market | Madurai News

MADURAI: Madurai Flower Market, a tourist attraction in the pre-Covid era, is once again struggling with the garbage and health problems it causes. The stench of tons of piled up garbage dominates the scent of flowers sold in very unsanitary conditions.
About a quarter of perishable products, including flowers, leaves and the plastic bags they contain, routinely end up in market dumps. The agricultural marketing committee, in charge of maintaining the market, has set up a recycling unit in its premises similar to a micro-composting unit. However, it is now in shambles and none of the piles of biodegradable waste that accumulates is recycled.
“We didn’t take care of the uncleaned garbage during the summer. This year we have been kept out of the market due to the Covid restrictions, but now we fear we will get sick under these conditions, ” said Jayakumar, a retail flower trader. S Ramachandran, President of Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Malar Makkal Nala Sangam, says the threat of mosquitoes and the stench of garbage have become unbearable. Since the market opened after a long time, garbage was affecting their business.
AMC officials said they were doing everything they could to clean up the garbage with help from the Madurai company. Six tons had been cleaned up in the last few days and the entire landfill was due to be cleaned up in a day or two. “It was the monsoon that hampered the cleanup process and now company officials have agreed to give us more vehicles to transport the garbage,” sources said adding that they had not found the unit. viable micro-composting and therefore closed.