November 19, 2022

Moving Flower Market from Dharmapuri Bus Stand: Residents – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

DHARMAPURI: Residents of Dharmapuri have urged the municipality to move the flower market out of the city bus stop. Residents said the market frequently causes rumbles of traffic in the area.

The market is visited by at least 300 traders and over 100 flower growers arrive daily from across the district to sell their harvest. However, over the past decades, the number of buses arriving at the bus station and the number of commuters have increased exponentially. This made the bus stop cramped.

Thiruvalluvan, a resident of Dharmapuri, said: “It has been more than 30 years since Dharmapuri Bus Stand was established. Many businesses and merchants have encroached on the pedestrian walkways. But all of this encroachment pales in comparison to the disruption caused by the flower market. Shopkeepers park their vehicles in the middle of the bus stop and disrupt traffic.”

Nandhakumar, a resident of Ambedkar Nagar, said, “TNSTC buses are struggling because the flower market is at the entrance of the bus station and private vehicles are blocking the entrance of the buses. On many occasions there are arguments between the bus drivers and the market people. .”

City Commissioner Chitra Sugumar was unavailable for comment. However, sources in the municipality said they had taken steps to ensure that bus services were not hampered. “We regularly fine encroachments and remove them as well. We will campaign to ensure traffic restrictions are removed,” they said.