November 28, 2022

prince harry: prince harry and andrew’s memorial crowns were removed from public display in the latest coup

Prince Harry’s Remembrance Day wreath has been removed from display at Britain’s Poppy Factory, while wreaths laid by other senior members of the Royal Family remain. It is considered the latest effort to airbrush the prince from royal history.

It is worth mentioning that the Poppy Factory in London is famous for making memorial wreaths and poppies to commemorate British war heroes. It was founded 100 years ago.

Another memorial posed by the controversial Prince Andrew has also been removed following his friendship with trickster Jeffrey Epstein.

A source on the Richmond, London site revealed that while Harry’s crown is no longer there, crowns from the late Queen, the late Duke of Edinburgh, the current King Charles, Princess Anne, Prince William and Prince Edward are still on display. .

However, the Poppy Factory and Buckingham Palace have dismissed comments about what happened to Prince Harry’s £1,000 crown.

Queen’s grandchildren watch as nation prepares for state funeral

Queen’s grandchildren watch as nation prepares for state funeral

The new crown is made for the new king for next week’s service.

Harry, 38, has decided to step back from his royal duties with Meghan Markle and pursue a life in California. However, he asked the Royal Family in 2020 to keep a crown there in his name, which was ultimately refused.


  1. When did Prince Harry take part in the wreath laying ceremony during the Remembrance commemoration?
    Prince Harry took part in the tradition of laying wreaths during Remembrance Day in 2019.
  2. Has Prince Harry ever served in the British Army?
    The Duke of Sussex served with pride in the British Army, including his tenure in Afghanistan with the Blues and Royals Regiment.

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