November 19, 2022

Rajkot municipal body approves proposal to develop flower market on the banks of the Aji River

The PERMANENT committee of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) on Wednesday approved a proposal to develop a flower market near the Indira Bridge on the bank of the Aji River in the Ramnathpara region at a cost of Rs44.14 lakh.

The standing committee, at the last meeting of its term, approved the construction department’s proposal to develop a flower market in place of the old cattle pond on the west bank of the Aji River facing the west end of the Indira Bridge. The land owned by RMC measures 990 square meters.

“We chose this location as flower merchants and farmers congregate on the Indira Bridge Trail as well as the road near the Ramnathpara Crematorium for the flower trade for about two years. The land where we propose to develop a formal flower market is adjacent to this section of the road. The market aims to facilitate farmers and flower traders, ”Hemendra Kotak, municipal engineer responsible for the RMC core area, told The Indian Express.

Incidentally, the daily flower market was held in Parevadi Chowk on the east bank of the Aji River on Kuvadva Road for years. But as it obstructed the movement of vehicles on the busy road, it was moved to the west bank of the river and a short distance from the busy Kuvadva road.

The proposed market will have 84 platforms for the auction of flowers and their retail sale. These platforms will have roofs made of galvanized steel sheets. “There will also be room to park. This land is strategically located for such a market as it is close to the jewelry market and usually jewelers go to their stores to buy flowers to offer to their deities, “Kotak said, adding that the construction of the proposed market would be completed in six months.

The RMC had estimated the cost of the project at Rs 49.05 lakh and had launched offers on November 8. In response, Hirabhai Chauhan and Devkrupa Constructions submitted their bids. Among them, Hirabhai Chauhan became the lowest bidder with a quotation of Rs 44.14 lakh.

Farmers in villages like Madhapar, Munjka, Mahika and Kothariya on the outskirts of town grow flowers. Some time ago, the RMC thought about allocating huts to the flower sellers in the large city squares in order to make the flowers easily accessible to people.

However, this proposal was unsuccessful.