November 28, 2022

Shastri Maidan Flower Market | Coimbatore News

Coimbatore: The municipal company closed the old and new Mettupalayam Road flower markets on Monday.
Flower sellers are expected to operate from Shastri Maidan on Arokiasamy Road to RS Puram from Tuesday. “No less than 135 stage shops and 28 stall shops operated in the flower markets. The civic body decided to close the markets because it was difficult to control the crowd. Subsequently, entry into the two markets was sealed with sheet metal on Monday, ”the company said in a statement.
Earlier today, flower sellers contacted representatives of the company and asked them to allow them to continue their activities in the markets. They have promised to follow Covid-19 guidelines.
“Shastri’s soil lacks basic facilities, including clean water and toilets. As there is no roof, it is impossible for us to sit under the blazing sun. The flowers will wither with the heat. Our business would be affected because the place lacks a direct bus connection, ”a flower seller told TOI. “After the state government closed the temples and restricted the number of people attending weddings and other ceremonies, we are facing serious losses. If we are moved to another location, our business would be affected. That’s why we asked them to allow us to operate from the markets.
K Ayyapan, administrator of the Kovai District Flower Merchant Association, said the company convinced the vendors to switch to Shastri Maidan. “We have decided to operate from the ground from Tuesday. Details such as the number of stores have yet to be decided, ”he said.
A week ago, the civic body authorized 60 flower sellers to also operate from the new flower market opposite the old one as a preventive measure to contain the spread of Covid-19. While market attendance remained high, company officials decided to shut them down and instead allowed vendors to operate from Shastri Maidan.