November 28, 2022

S’pore Wakes can only have 10 LED crowns, must be turned off by 10 p.m.

New NEA guidelines limit funeral wreaths to 10 LEDs for alarm clocks

Debates have recently emerged over the use of LED wreaths after several funeral homes in Singapore banned them, citing safety concerns.

S’pore funeral homes ban use of e-wreaths due to fire safety concerns

In response, the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Funeral Directors Association of Singapore (AFD) have jointly developed a set of guidelines governing the use of electronic crowns.

They officially released these guidelines on Tuesday (June 7).

According to the new rules, only 10 crowns of LEDs, including an inflatable structure, are authorized during vigils.

The LED crowns also cannot be switched on from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. every day.

New guidelines on the placement of LED crowns

In the guidelines, the NEA and AFD said the excessive use of crowns and light-emitting inflatables has led to several problems:

  • Light and noise pollution
  • Obstruction of pedestrian traffic
  • Obstruction of motorists’ field of vision
  • Potential electrical trips
  • Tripping/Falling Hazards

Source: on Facebook

As such, they have developed guidelines so that facility owners and the funeral industry know the exact conditions to follow when using wreaths and light-emitting inflatables at wakes.

For placement of LED crowns, guidelines state that only 10 LED crowns (including one inflatable) are permitted at any wake. Wreaths should be no more than 2.6m high and 1.5m wide.

Inflatable structures such as tower lanterns, gates and arches, on the other hand, must not be more than 4m long, more than 1m wide or more than 3.2m high.

In addition to securing these structures, operators must also delineate a minimum radius of 2 m around the installation.

Source: on Facebook

Additionally, LED wreaths can only be placed in wake areas – namely empty bridges and pavilions – subject to approval by city councils and authorities.

For the safety of motorists and pedestrians, the AEN and AFD advise against placing crowns and LED inflatable structures near these places:

  • Car park
  • Roads
  • Gateways
  • Business entities
  • Residential homes

If placement on walkways and sidewalks is unavoidable, there should be a clear demarcation and at least 1.5m of space to accommodate wheelchair users.

A clearance of 5m is also required from any of the following:

  • Car park
  • parked vehicle
  • Road location
  • Fire hydrant or fire safety provisions

Turn off the LED crowns from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. every day

In light of noise and light pollution complaints, the NEA and AFD have imposed “curfews”. From 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. daily, LED wreaths and inflatable installations must cease, and all lights and pumps must be turned off.

Source: on Facebook

Their generators, in turn, should not be too close to residential or commercial units or in an unsafe location to avoid inconveniencing and endangering others.

You can read the guidelines here for a more detailed breakdown.

If operators need to deviate from the above guidelines for any reason, they must obtain written permission from local councils or relevant authorities.

MS News contacted NEA for clarification on how they determine light pollution based on the brightness of coronas and inflatables. We’ll update the article when they get back to us.

Safety is paramount

Although the guidelines may seem like a lot to consider, the authorities probably introduced them with everyone’s well-being and convenience in mind.

Hopefully, now that the rules are clear, funeral operators will know what to do to move forward.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore LED Wreath on Facebook.