November 28, 2022

The flower market reopened after five months

After a hiatus of about five months, the Mattuthavani Flower Market reopened on Monday with safety precautions.

S. Ramachandran, president of a flower merchants association, said all safety measures were being followed, based on the Collector’s directive. The market was closed on March 24 due to the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the closure of the flower market, makeshift shops have been set up in various places in the city during the confinement period.

Currently, there is an entrance and an exit for customers at the back of the market. Hand sanitizers are available to customers at the entrance. Customers must also undergo a thermal examination before entering the market.

Steel barricades, in the shape of cuboids and seven meters wide, are placed in the market to ensure personal distance between customers. Mr. Ramachandran said only one customer can enter between two barricades.

“All customers and traders are asked to wear face masks. We ensure that only a limited number of customers are in the market to avoid overcrowding,” he added.

Mr Sundarapandi, a flower seller, said all traders were happy after the market reopened. “But, it will take more than a month for business to return to normal,” he added.