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Madurai: The Wholesale Flower Merchants Association of the Madurai Central Flower Market in Mattuthavani has decided to take the market committee to court for sealing six stores for “ violation of physical distance and the mask rule facial ”. The collector gave the committee the power to ensure compliance of covid in the marketplace.
Speaking to reporters in Madurai on Monday, SMS association president Ramachandran and secretary R Muthu said the Matuthavani flower market Mercy Jeyarani and its staff Thirumurugan and Selvam have asked for additional money from traders in the name of inspections.
The market, which opened in 2006, has 104 stores which were sold by outright purchase. The buyers paid the money in installments over a period of eight years and was completed in 2015. After paying the dues, their agreement with the market committee was that they had to pay the monthly maintenance fee while the committee would take care of the maintenance of the market complex. It went smoothly for about 12 to 13 years until Mercy took over as secretary.
She billed each store 50 rupees per day on behalf of Covid-19, which represents 5,200 rupees collected daily from the 104 stores. As restrictions were imposed due to the second wave, six stores were closed by the committee on April 26 without citing a valid reason or issuing a rationale, according to traders.
When contacted, Mercy Jeyarani said she sealed the stores after pasting notices on all six stores because they violated social distancing and face mask rules. “The committee erected the barricades at our expense. Stores were only asked to donate 50 rupees a day for covid compliance, such as appointing people to perform thermal checks and hand sanitization. The allegations of the traders are totally false, ”she said, adding that only one of the six associations of traders present in the market made these allegations. She added that two people had been designated to comply with the covid for a monthly salary of Rs 3,200 each, with the exception of masks and disinfectants.


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