November 28, 2022

Vendors want Mettupalayam Road flower market to reopen | Coimbatore News

Coimbatore: While the flower market on Mettupalayam Road in the city remains closed, vendors have been forced to sell flowers by sitting on platforms outside the market and by the side of the road.
The vendors asked the municipality to assign them a suitable place to sell flowers.
When the company closed the flower market two months ago as part of a partial foreclosure, vendors moved to Shastri Maidan on Arokiasamy Road in RS Puram.
Weeks later, the state government imposed a full lockdown to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and banned vendors from selling flowers.
K Ayyappan, administrator of the Kovai District Flower Merchants Association, said, “We don’t want to go back to Shastri Maidan. We asked the civic organization to allow us to resume our activity at the flower market. But we have not yet received a positive response from the company. “
Without a suitable place to do business, vendors sell flowers by sitting on platforms outside the market, he said. Only 10% of regular sellers have resumed their activity while waiting for the allocation of a real place.
Another supplier, Ganesan, said he could no longer afford to lose his business, that he had resumed his business without waiting for the company to assign him a spot.
“Even though the state government has allowed us to resume operations, the company and the police are imposing sanctions on unconvincing reasons. We were forced to pay part of our income for the penalty itself, ”he said.
Explaining that they only earn 20% to 30% of their normal income, he said that they did not have space to unload the flowers, they reduced the amount of flowers they buy.
Within hours of starting our business, the flowers wither as they are in direct sunlight, another seller said.
“If we move to Shastri Maidan, our business will decrease further because it is not close to the bus stop,” he added.
When contacted, a senior company official said he was planning to temporarily allocate a new flower market across from the old one as the city body planned to renovate the old market.
“We are in talks with the suppliers and a solution will be found soon,” he added.