November 19, 2022

(Video) Last-Minute Race to the Flower Market on the Eve of LNY

Citizens rushed at the last minute to shop at the flower market on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

The government has canceled Lunar New Year fairs in various districts due to the fifth wave of the Covid-19 outbreak this year. The Prince Edward Flower Market remains open, but crowd control measures are in effect.

A florist named Pang said business was not particularly good today compared to previous years. Flowers are also more expensive than before due to increased transportation costs.

Citizen Ms. Leung said she spent HK$100 to buy flowers. She is used to buying flowers every year and said the cancellation of the Lunar New Year fair in Victoria Park did not affect her much.

Talking about her Lunar New Year wish, she hoped the pandemic would be over soon.

Another woman named Lam said the cancellation of the Lunar New Year Fair was a disappointment. She decided to go to the flower market instead and bought orchids and lilies to celebrate Lunar New Year for the first time.

She made the same wish – that the epidemic would end soon.

Police Commissioner Raymond Siu Chak-yee arrived at the market at 7 p.m. to encourage frontline officers and greet florists. During his 10-minute stay, he also took pictures with some citizens with his thumbs up.