October 3, 2022

wreath: Decorate your front door with original wreaths this Christmas

Christmas is coming and although this year the celebrations will be low-key, like last year, you can still soak up the festive spirit with Christmas decor. If you are hosting a small group of friends or family for the celebration at home, wreaths are the ultimate option when it comes to decorating front doors. But, instead of going with the classic wreath, try some unique ideas to create ready-made looks for your door. Here’s how:

Wool it!

Opt for a pom pom wreath in the right color palette so that it goes well with the color and design of your door. “You can create a pom pom wreath with basic items at home, including yarn of different colors. Use the embroidery hoop as the base of the wreath and start placing the pom poms using glue. You You can add mini Christmas trees or Santa Claus faces to your wreath,” says interior designer Annapurna Shah.

Good old boots to the rescue

It is an economical and durable option. If you have an old pair of furry boots, take them out and clean them. Add small baubles and Santa faces to fir branches or branches from your old Christmas tree and place them in the boots. That’s it, your boot crown is ready to be displayed.

Bow Wow!

At some point, we’ve all taken those fancy bows out of presents and kept them aside, hoping to use them somewhere. Well, it’s time to use them to make a wreath now. Surround the embroidery hoop with all the bows you have, of different colors and shapes. Bows look great in a cluster.

Use leftover decorations

Those leftover Christmas balls from last year or the year before can come in handy for this one. Separate the balls according to size and color, then start placing them on the embroidery hoop. Try placing the larger balls in the center of the smaller balls for a more cohesive look

ball crown